British actor Julian Sands died while hiking

British actor Julian Sands died while hiking

January 19, 2023 6:26 am

The British actor has been missing since last Friday after going hiking in a mountainous area of ​​California

British actor Julian Sands died while hiking

Julian Sands was 65 years old. Born on January 4, 1958 in Otley, a town in Yorkshire, UK, he had long since moved to Los Angeles. And just before the Californian metropolis he lost his life. Last Friday he went hiking in the Mount Baldy area of ​​a mountainous region in Southern California. The searches had taken place shortly after family members had raised the alarm when contact with the actor was lost, but immediately proved difficult due to the area’s prohibitive weather conditions.

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Sands began his acting career in the mid-’80s and found widespread popularity starring in “room with view“, Film directed by James Ivory. After “Gothic” (1985) had continued his career in Hollywood, where he had become the fascinating face of horror cinema. With his long blond hair and imposing physique, Sands starred in films such as “Sorcerer” And “Warlock – The Angel of the Apocalypse“, “arachnophobia‘, ‘The Mystery of the Golden Pyramid’ and ‘Boxing Helena‘, a highly controversial film directed by David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer, in which the actor plays a surgeon who kidnaps a woman he is obsessed with and in order to make her his own, he robs her of her upper and lower parts limbs and keeps them in a box. Actor also arrived in Italy and Dario Argento wanted him alongside Asia as the protagonist of his version of “The Phantom of the Opera“.

After that, his career continued between supporting roles in hugely popular films like Ocean’s Thirteen and Millennium and other as protagonists, but in films with smaller circulation. But Sands has also made a name for himself in theater and television, where he has appeared in various series such as “Law & Order”, “Dexter”, “Smallville” and “The Blacklist” in recent years.

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