Britains Got Talent viewers worried about Simon Cowells dramatic transformation

Britain’s Got Talent viewers worried about Simon Cowell’s dramatic transformation after 60 lb weight loss – SheFinds

Simon Cowell has recently lost 60 pounds and some fans are expressing “concern” for his health.

Britain’s Got Talent judge, 63, was photographed leaving the show’s casting event at the London Palladium this week “looking a lot slimmer”, according to a fan on Twitter. The American Idol alum wore a dark gray fitted tee with black pants and accessorised with his popular aviator sunglasses at the show’s launch.

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Simon Cowell looked ‘leaner’ after exiting BGT Auditions

In April 2022, Cowell opened up about his weight loss to The Sun, noting that it was not through a gastric band but through a re-evaluated diet, including reducing meat intake and cutting out sugar.

He also emphasized that he avoids red meat but still indulges in a light beer every now and then. He also said removing dairy or gluten from his daily intake affected his weight loss. “Cutting out all of that really made a difference,” he told the outlet.

The X Factor creator also told the publication that while he “used to eat sausage rolls, hamburgers and his favorite jam tarts from his personal chefs,” he was now able to “lose four waist measurements” by eating those foods removed his earnings.

Speaking to The Sun, Cowell said: “The most dramatic time was the first month where most of the weight was falling off and you were looking at yourself and you were like ‘wow’.”

Fan reactions to Cowell’s new character

Fans seem to keep thinking “wow” and expressing their “disbelief” at his “different look.” As one fan recently tweeted, “Simon Cowell is unrecognizable what state looks like a mess in a wax factory,” while another added, “Simon Cowell looks good but super different.” Another chimed in : “Good for him, but doesn’t he look too skinny?!”

Others seemed to focus on his plastic surgery history, with one writing, “Has he had another facelift?” Regarding the procedures he’s had, Cowell also told The Sun that he had a facelift in 2018.

As he thought about it, he realized there were pros, but ultimately the cons outweighed the pros when it came to his personal life. “There are many things you can do now. You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and botox,” Cowell said. “It hurts like hell, but it clears up sun damage and takes all the crap out.”

He told the publication last year, “There was a phase where everyone was pumping their faces with this and that,” he continued, “but actually, I’m really all about eating healthy now and drinking tons of water.”