Bring the bracelets back together!  |

Bring the bracelets back together! |

The magic of Les Bracelets Rouges worked as members of this beautiful group of teenagers comforted, supported and guided one another, both through their complicated medical treatments and through their stories of broken hearts.

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This mutual aid of young patients brought light and sweetness to a scenario marked by bone cancer, leg amputation and eating disorders.

In short, the balance of hope and sadness was maintained in the ideal dose in the first season of Red Bracelets, which telecast to TVA last winter.

In the second chapter, which has been on the air for two weeks, this is no longer the case.

Our bracelets live scattered around the city and they tear them up. The scenes of them celebrating their little wins are gone and it’s quite depressing and painful, thanks.

Lou (Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau) languishes in solitary confinement in the psychiatric wing of the Hôpital de la Rive. Her friend Félix (Anthony Therrien) fights cancer again without the support of his precious gang. Ah yes, Lou and Félix, who are 16, are expecting a child and neither of them seem ready to welcome a baby.

The narrator of the first ten episodes, Albert (Malick Babin), has made little progress since waking up from his coma. The athlete Justin, now camper for Antoine L’Écuyer, lives half with his parents and half with his girlfriend Flavie (Audrey Roger). Your couple is swaying. Flavie relapses. And Justin, suspecting his illness is returning, isolating himself.

Bring the bracelets back together


Antoine L’Écuyer plays the role of Justin in the second season of Les Bracelets rouges.

The only character who doesn’t sink into heaviness is the formerly injured Kevin (Étienne Galloy), who does his community service at the hospital and acts as a link between the old bracelets.

The problem is that our red bracelets go through their trials alone, without the comfort and kindness that emanated from their original group. We think the writers will bring them together soon, but the first two episodes, lacking in heat, weren’t pleasant to watch.

In addition, director Yan England, who was so brilliant in the first season, seems to have left the camera behind. His successor Benoit Pilon (Le club Vinland) films the plots in a more conventional way.

The awakening of key character Albert also rang the death knell for dreamlike sequences in which bracelets crossed between the two worlds. The pictorial scene of Kim’s (Léanne Désilets) death had resulted in a great pool scene with the teenager floating towards the deep side in the moonlight.

Luckily, new patient Margot (Margot Blondin), who is suffering from ovarian cancer, revives the original spirit of the Red Bracelets that made us fall for this Catalan series (Polseres vermelles).

15-year-old Margot initially refuses any help from her flatmate Félix. Anxious, the teen slowly lowers her guard and accepts outstretched hands, like Felix’s, accompanying her to mow her hair.

In short, we must not despair, I think. Miracles do exist, on TV and in health care settings.

Dead or alive ?

Many of you believe the theory that Me Frédéric Legrand (Martin-David Peters), Indéfendable’s corrupt criminal defense attorney, faked his own death to escape the bandits who were holding his butt.

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Me Frédéric Legrand (Martin-David Peters) was he the target of a gunfight or did he simulate his own death?

It’s far from impossible or far-fetched as a hypothesis. Let’s take a closer look. Me Legrand was recovering from the shooting when his condition began to deteriorate. Infection of the peritoneum, intubation, unconsciousness, the stricken lawyer received a powerful cocktail of antibiotics, first revealed André Lapointe (Michel Laperrière).

At Me Legrand’s bedside, intern Inès (Nour Belkhiria) handed over her chair to mafia mistress Jessica Renaud (Émilie Lajoie), who was left alone in the room with the injured, a super important detail.

Shortly thereafter, the colleagues at Me Legrand discovered an empty bed and Jessica in tears. “I went to the toilet for five minutes and when I came back there were three or four people around trying to revive him. They got him out and couldn’t save him, a nurse came back and told me he was dead,” said Jessica, who Me Legrand broke up with before his attack.

It was the next scene that raised a lot of doubts among fans. We saw Jessica Renaud dump two huge suitcases into her orange jeep. Either Jessica herself has done away with Frédéric Legrand and is fleeing to avoid justice. Either Jessica brings her former lover stocks to help him rebuild his life under a new identity.

What is the most plausible clue? Did Jessica bribe hospital workers to lie and stage this fake death?

One thing is for sure, Jessica was up to something messy at the hospital and the unbadged nurse who hurriedly threw her out of the room nearly ruined his plan.

Nostradumas is pretty confused here. Will he be able to find the path of light he desires for Les Bracelets Rouges?