[  ] Brighton vs Leicester: time and channel of Premier League clash

[ ] Brighton vs Leicester: time and channel of Premier League clash

Brighton vs Leicester time and channel of Premier

WATCH Brighton vs Leicester LIVE AND DIRECT HERE, this Saturday 21 January for match day 21 of the 2022-23 Premier League. The English clubs signing will take place at the King Power Stadium, starting at 10:00 (Peruvian time) and the broadcast will be in charge of signaling from ESPN and StarPlus. Likewise, you can follow this and all of today’s games minute by minute through the FREE ONLINE coverage that La República Deportes will be running.

Brighton vs Leicester: Party Journal

BrokenBrighton vs Leicester
dateSaturday January 21st
Hour10.00 a.m. (Peru)
channelESPN and StarPlus
locationKing Power Stadium

When will Brighton vs Leicester find?

Brighton vs Leicester The faces will be on display at the King Power Stadium facilities from 10:00am (Peruvian time). Check the schedule according to your geographic region:

  • Peru, Colombia, Ecuador: 10:00 a.m
  • Mexico: 9:00 a.m
  • Bolivia, Venezuela: 11:00 a.m
  • Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile: 12:00 p.m

Which channel is broadcasting Brighton vs Leicester?

The confrontation between Brighton vs Leicester It is broadcast by the ESPN and Star Plus signal for all South American territory.

Where to watch Brighton vs Leicester on ESPN?

  • Peru: 504 SD and 740 HD (Movistar TV, Cable), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar Satellite TV), 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 65 SD and 523 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 36 SD and 1711 HD (Claro TV, Satellite).
  • Uruguay: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV).
  • Colombia: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 483 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 511 SD and 1511 HD (Claro TV, Cable), 510 SD and 540 HD (Claro TV, Satellite).
  • Chile: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 480 SD and 884 HD (Movistar TV), 174 SD and 474 HD (Claro TV); 49 (Santiago), 53 (Valparaíso), 55 (Concepción) and 841 HD (VTR).
  • Ecuador: 621 SD and 1621 HD (DirecTV), 200 SD and 730 HD (Cable TV Group), 302 SD and 703 HD (CNT).
  • Bolivia: 54 (Cotas), 508 SD and 701 HD (Tigo), 40 (Entel), 105 and 507 SD and 508 HD (Inter Satellite).
  • Paraguay: 63 SD and 124 HD (Claro TV).
  • Venezuela: 621 SD (SimpleTV), 483 SD (Movistar TV), 105 HD (Inter Satellite).

How to access Star Plus to watch Brighton vs Leicester?

To access Star Plus to view the Brighton vs Leicester, On the website of this streaming service you have To with your personal data. Enter www.starplus.com and log in with your username and password. In case you are not registered, the platform offers you up to three types of subscriptions so that you can enjoy all the content available.

How to watch Brighton vs Leicester game ONLINE?

If you don’t want to miss this Brighton vs Leicester from the web, Tune in to the Star Plus signal, a streaming service that includes games broadcast by the ESPN network in its offerings to customers. In case you don’t have access to it, you also have the option to follow La República Deportes ONLINE coverage.

Brighton vs Leicester: latest clashes

  • Leicester 1-1 Brighton | 01/23/2022 | First League
  • Leicester 2-2 Brighton (4-2 on penalties) | 27.10.2021 | FA Cup
  • Brighton 2-1 Leicester | 09/19/2021 | First League.

Where are Brighton vs Leicester?

The scenario of this engagement will be that King Power StadiumVenue in the city of Leicester, United Kingdom, with a capacity of more than 32,000 spectators.