Brian Daboll not signing Daniel Jones as Giants 2023 QB

Brian Daboll not signing Daniel Jones as Giants’ 2023 QB after playoff loss to Eagles

By all reports, Daniel Jones has made great strides and won over his teammates as the Giants quarterback in 2022. That doesn’t mean, however, that coach Brian Daboll, whose arrival seemingly marked a turning point in Jones’ career, is convinced the former first-round pick will be under center when New York takes over the field again. When asked after Saturday’s playoff loss to the Eagles if he expects Jones back in 2023, Daboll was decidedly noncommittal.

“Yeah, I – all these talks, we’re going to have,” Daboll told reporters. “We have a long off-season and there is a time and place to have these conversations. It’s not like that tonight.”

A week after dissecting the Vikings’ defense in a 31-24 excitement, Jones struggled to generate plenty of rhythm in Philadelphia, finishing 15 of 27 for just 135 yards and an interception in a 38-7 loss. It wasn’t entirely his fault, as New York’s offensive line, receiving corps and defense seemed overwhelmed throughout the night. And to be fair, even if Daboll was blown away by Jones’ efforts on Saturday, the fact remains that the QB is scheduled to hit free agency in March.

The two teams were reportedly on the verge of a contract extension ahead of the Giants’ playoff debut, but so far Jones remains unsigned beyond this season. The Duke product ended 2022 with 15 touchdowns and five picks in a career effort that, while lacking in glaring passing grades, ranked among the most efficient in the NFL.

Daboll, for what it’s worth, also downplayed Jones’ growth in his post-game remarks, suggesting Jones has been “a consistent guy since he’s been here”. When asked to rate the QB’s individual performance against the Eagles, he was also lukewarm.

“Eh, he competed,” said Daboll. “You see, we all didn’t work well enough, it starts with me. Daniel is a competitor. (But) they controlled the game the whole game.”