Breathing hurts Waldonys describes parachute crash and celebrates the good

“Breathing hurts”: Waldonys describes parachute crash and celebrates the good fortune of being healthy

A day after falling from a parachute and suffering a fracture in the chest and lumbar region, the singer and accordionist suffered Waldonys, 50, told details about what happened. The interview was granted to the journalist this Sunday morning (2). Tom Barroson Rádio Verdes Mares and TV Diário.

According to the artist, despite the fear everyone felt from the event, his greatest fear was his. “Skydiving is a risk sport logically controlled, but we know that.”

He says he stopped by Feijó Airfield just to fold his parachute. However, he was invited to make a call for the Pink October campaign during a flight. “I accepted it”.

Despite the not very favorable wind conditions especially in the village it was very windy gusts of windresponsible for a kind of “whip” in the air the singer climbed to reach the height 10 thousand feet. At the age of six thousand, he recorded a video and posted it on social media.

“The jump was normal, free fall, I controlled the parachute and it opened. The problem is that due to the wind not being very favorable, I was surprised by a very violent gust when I was approaching the landing. a vacuum. I had no altitude and couldn’t do much anymore. The parachute threw me to the ground.”


singer and accordionist

describes the effect “it was very strong”, even after measures to secure the body have been taken. “It was very painful. Breathing was painful. Thank God I didn’t turn over at low altitude; if I had, the damage would have been much greater, somewhat fatal.”


Completely paralyzed after the moment of the fall, Waldonys asked him to do it do not touch him. However, over time, with the help of rescuers and other paratroopers, he managed to get out of the place where he was.

He landed on the side of the runway where he had previously landed Fire. Because of the pain, the accordionist sometimes went out, sometimes he came to his senses.

“I still managed to call my daughter Lívia at the time to calm her down and ask her to go to the IJF internal bleeding or something like that. But thank God everything is normal.”

Caption: Despite the not very favorable wind conditions, the singer climbed with the aim of reaching the height of 10,000 feet; at the age of six thousand he recorded a video for social networks

Photo: Playback/instagram

Didn’t have to have surgery

The artist also celebrated the fact that he didn’t need surgery or suffer more from the effects of the fall. “I split the blow so I didn’t have any lower limb fractures. But today I am very sick. It’s like I got beat up yesterday. Sometimes, even when I fell, my leg would go numb.”

followers of Santa Dulce dos Pobres, Waldonys assigned her protection at the time of the accident. “I’m wearing one of her bracelets and that bracelet broke at the time. But I kept saying I had her there. The bracelet broke, but she didn’t leave me.”

With no prospect of returning to the stage, the singer will now pull through conservative treatment and wait for improvements.

Fall of the singer Waldonys

Waldonys’ parachute fall occurred this Saturday (1st) in Fortaleza at Aerodromo Feijó in the Siqueira district. The first information about the accident was shared by Livia Moreno, the artist’s daughter. At that time, he was taken to the Instituto Doutor José Frota (IJF) in an ambulance operated by the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) and examined there.

After results it will be enough moderate treatment. Investigations revealed that the accordionist sustained a fracture in the thoracolumbar region (T12L1) with no spinal cord involvement. There is no risk of paralysis and he does not need surgery.

Lívia Moreno also emphasized in the video that he needs rest, wears braces for a long time and is being treated with painkillers in the area of ​​​​the accident ​​there in the next few days You will feel a lot of pain.

“But so far he’s fine. To joke, and asks when you can jump again. Really thanks for the messages, for all the concern. That makes the difference.”

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