Breathing gas from lighters to get high 16 year old

Breathing gas from lighters to get high: 16 year old girl found dead in a park

A girl is 16 years old dead after voluntarily inhaling something butane gascommonly used as a refill for lighters, but increasingly also to get a “high”.

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The tragedy

The tragedy happened late Friday evening in a park in Corral de Almaguer (Toledo), Spain. The girl became ill after inhaling the gas and suffered cardiac arrest. Police officers and an ambulance arrived at the scene, but attempts to revive the 16-year-old proved futile. From the first investigations, the minor was in the company of a few friends who were able to point out crucial aspects in order to establish the facts accurately. “Even if the elements seem quite clear so far, we are waiting for the end of all investigations. Our community is losing a very young life and it is always unacceptable,” explained Mayor Manuela Lominchar, who decreed two days of city mourning. Cadena Ser reports it.

The drama of the exciting gas

A little everywhere, and as various news events show, the dangerous fashion of inhaling gas, especially butane, is spreading among young and very young people. Commonly used to power refillable lighters, butane can provide a high feeling at an extremely low cost compared to any conventional drug. The problem, however, is the doses: taken in small quantities, it can alter the psychophysical state and stun in a few minutes and for a short time, but a minimal amount more is enough to have very dangerous effects on the very lives of those who employs him. “Unfortunately, this phenomenon is spreading among younger and younger children, who are almost always unemployed and have little money. This unconventional drug, with powerful and rapid effects and low cost, is what worries us most at the moment », the warning of Alejandro Blanco, psychotherapist of Proyecto Hombre, one of the most famous convalescent communities in Spain.

Last updated: Sunday October 2nd, 2022 5:19pm