Brazilian model shows bruises on her face and denounces abuse in Turkey

Brazilian model shows bruises on her face and denounces abuse in Turkey

Brazilian actress and model Jennifer Pamplona, ​​​​​​29, has shared a series of photos on social media showing her face injured. in conversation with syringesshe claims to have been abused after cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

Jennifer was in the country for a campaign and saw a specialist to perform a series of cosmetic procedures usually requested by international artists known as a ‘Hollywood makeover’.

“It was five surgeries at once. I wasn’t feeling well and I wanted to change,” the Brazilian began to comment on the case.

It was a real horror film. I underwent surgery and suffered many abuses in the hospital. I screamed in pain, asked them to clean me, give me medicine and begged for food.
Jennifer Pamplona

Jennifer Pamplona has vented about being treated at a clinic  Reproduction/Instagram  Reproduction/Instagram

Jennifer Pamplona spoke about the treatment at the clinic

Image: Playback/Instagram

“I couldn’t see when I was being operated on. I tried to get the cotton out of my eye but I just had no protection. It was a horrible feeling,” he said, recalling the time after the operation in Istanbul . an important Turkish city.

“I started vomiting a lot of blood. This has never happened even after many operations already performed. The nurses injected medicine ‘with everything’, I woke up with a burning arm. I cried a lot, it was a horror,” the model continued.

Pamplona, ​​who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, said he suffered the judgment of people who called themselves friends as they faced the situation in Turkey.

The doctor noticed I had a bruise on the right side of my face and tried to play around with a knife. I wanted to do the removal without surgery. He would nudge and yell if I said anything. I was just asking to get out of there alive.
Jennifer Pamplona

Jennifer Pamplona reported after surgery in Turkey  Reproduction/Instagram  Reproduction/Instagram

Jennifer Pamplona reported after the operation in Turkey

Image: Playback/Instagram

“There were three surgeries in less than seven days. One person can’t go through that. He left my nose with flesh in it, I’m having trouble breathing.”

Jennifer Pamplona after surgery  Reproduction/Instagram  Reproduction/Instagram

Jennifer Pamplona after surgeries

Image: Playback/Instagram

Jennifer Pamplona, ​​who is still recovering, said she stayed in the hospital for two days after the initial procedures. She returned to the clinic for corrections and more surgeries, but was not allowed to stay in place and recover from further procedures.

“I had a pool of blood on my left side that led me to anesthesia. Everyone on the team was very fat and the abuse was terrible,” he said. The model said she is focused on her recovery but has already called a lawyer to report what happened.

“A Warning to Women”

The model was once known in Brazilian media as ‘Susi Humana’ and has been nicknamed ‘Kim Kardashian of Brazil’ by international tabloids, but today she rejects the nicknames.

“My brother has cancer and that was the trigger for me to have new plastic surgery. I look for it every time I’m in trouble to try and make me feel good. Maybe I want to feel the physical pain so I don’t. Not feeling it mentally,” he reported.

After the “traumatizing experience” in Turkey, the Brazilian emphasized the importance of making the “other side” of aesthetic interventions known. By uncovering the case, she believes she is showing what can go wrong for those looking for surgeries.

In conversation with UOL In September 2021, Jennifer admits she’s had more than 30 cosmetic surgeries. She spent R$3.5 million to add all the aesthetic procedures.

“It became an addiction in my life. I’ve lost count of how many plastic surgeries I’ve had. I think I was a little selfish with my family. You always have to be in tune, be perfect and not fall behind in a society that doesn’t accept you for who you are,” he concluded.

The Brazilian wants to tell new details about the operations in “Addiction” (“Sucht”, in free translation), a documentary about her life that will be released soon.