Brazil, Two fishermen confess to the murder of a Guardian journalist and a researcher in…

Brazil, Two fishermen confess to the murder of a Guardian journalist and a researcher in…

They went missing from the Amazon rainforest for 10 days while researching a book and now two brothers have confessed to murder Dom PhillipsBritish-born and longtime Guardian journalist and expert on indigenous culture Bruno Pereira. First the discovery of some personal belongings, the hypothesis of an ambush and finally the Arrest of the two fishermen accused of being involved in the case. Now the two perpetrators who confessed were taken by the agents to the investigation site in the Vale do Javari to indicate where the bodies were found.

Philips had lived in Brazil for 15 years and was 57, while Pereira was a 41-year-old indigenous culture expert who previously held a position for the government agency for indigenous affairs. Funai. When they disappeared on Sunday June 5th, they were on a path to be reached Atalaia do Nortea city in the Amazon region Vale do Javari, one of the largest indigenous areas of Brazil. According to the findings of the investigation, Pereira had received a few days before the couple disappeared threats for promoting one campaign against poaching in the area: Some indigenous groups have reported the case to investigators. The suspicion was confirmed by Philips’ sister, who was interviewed by the BBC a few days ago, said to herself “Incredibly Desperate” and said he thought it “probable” that the two had been ambushed by some groups linked to poaching activities, “perhaps linked to illegal fishing”.

We read in the Guardian that some indigenous people – who volunteered to help find the two missing persons – have been found in recent days Personal items from Philips and Pereira along the route to Atalaia do Norte, including gods dress It is a pc, which is currently under review by the National Institute of Criminology for Forensic Analysis. In addition to these results, the investigators also ordered the blood analysis found on the boat of one of the two suspects in the alleged murder. Oseney da Costa de OliveiraThe 41-year-old was arrested Tuesday: In a statement, federal police said Oliveira, known as Dos Santos, was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the case along with his brother. Amarildo from the Costa de Oliveira, called Pelado. Witnesses issued both defendants at the alleged crime scene: Pelado was reportedly seen chasing Phillips and Pereira down the river in his boat with four other people who investigators are trying to identify.

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