Brazil to the polls invader

Brazil to the polls invader

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva reiterated that this Sunday, together with the vice of his electoral formula, former Governor Geraldo Alckmin, he is capable of winning back Brazil and that people have the right to be happy again.

“The country needs to recover as an institution, it needs to recover before the world and Brazil have to apologize to 215 million Brazilians for the carelessness committed against the country and the people over the past four years,” the presidential candidate said Workers’ Party (PT) reporter a few hours before the election.

He insisted the people did not deserve the suffering they were subjected to, without citing the government of far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro, who has ambitions to be re-elected as the Liberal Party’s candidate.

Speaking to communicators, Lula took stock of the campaign for Sunday’s first round and thanked the people, artists, allies and others involved.

Along with Alckmin, former governor Márcio França, former ministers Fernando Haddad and Aloizio Mercadante, and PT President Gleisi Hoffmann, the former union leader appeared happy.

He recalled that in no campaign he contested had he managed to forge an alliance with so many parties and assessed that the “Brazil of Hope” coalition had carried out an extraordinary missionary action.

He credited Hoffmann directly for articulating that the alliance should come about, saying that she, whom he called brave, competent, daring, and loyal, had the wisdom of words.

Mentioning the emotions of the walks he took part in between Friday and Saturday in Salvador (Bahia State, Northeast), Fortaleza (Ceará) and Sao Paulo, the ex-mechanical woodturner pleased the affection of the Brazilian people and assured that he not doing would be able to pay how much you get.

More than 156 million eligible Brazilians will choose their next president this Sunday in a polarized contest between Lula and Bolsonaro.

They are elected President and Vice President in the process; state and federal district governors and lieutenant governors; Senators, federal deputies and state deputies.

For months, the ex-metallurgical union leader and ex-military man topped voter preferences in that order, as reflected in nearly all voting intent polls.

The lead of the PT leader over the former army captain was between 3.7 and 16 points. According to the latest Intelligence Research and Strategic Consulting Institute poll released this Saturday, Lula is running with 51 percent of the valid votes, Bolsonaro with 37.