Brazil lifts health emergency due to Covid 19

Brazil lifts health emergency due to Covid 19 teleSUR

The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced this Sunday that it was lifting the Public Health Emergency of National Importance (ESPIN) that had been imposed for two years.


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According to the health authority, the government is taking the measure after the progress in the vaccination days, “the country registers 213 million Brazilians (77 percent) with the full vaccination schedule,” they explain.

The new measure, signed by Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, provides that both state and municipal authorities have 30 days to implement and adapt it in the communities.

“The Ministry will support the states and municipalities in the continuity of the measures that make up the National Emergency Plan,” emphasizes the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Since the start of the pandemic, Brazil has registered a total of 30,762,413 confirmed cases and 665,720 deaths, while administering 437,141,952 doses of various vaccines purchased from both the World Health Organization and allied countries.