Bradley Cooper shares how Will Arnett helped him get sober

Bradley Cooper shares how Will Arnett helped him get sober

Cooper said that when he was feeling lost and dealing with addiction early in his career, it was fellow actor Will Arnett who helped him recover.

During a conversation on Arnett’s Smartless podcast, which he co-hosts with Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes, Cooper spoke of sharing an apartment with Arnett years ago. He said he lacked confidence and would try to emulate Arnett’s brand of humor while socializing.

It wasn’t always well received.

“Will said, ‘Hey man, remember we had dinner the other day? How do you think that went?'” Cooper said. “I remember at dinner I thought I was so funny and I thought these two guys who were my heroes thought I was so funny. I said, ‘I thought it was great. I thought I was going to kill.’ Will Arnett was like, ‘You were a real asshole, man. You were a real asshole.'”

Arnett also told him to take his dogs to the bathroom.

Cooper said, “That was the first time I realized I had a drug and alcohol problem. The guy I think does mean humor is telling me the truth and it has changed my whole life.”

He continued, “I was so lost and addicted to cocaine. Will took the risk of having this tough conversation with me in July 2004, and it put me on the path to changing my life. It really was Will Arnett. He is the reason.”

Through therapy and fathering his daughter Lea with ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, Cooper said he’s stayed sober.

“Everything has changed,” he said. “Every single thing is absolutely overshadowed or highlighted in glorious colors by the fact that I get to be the father of a wonderful human being. It’s just the absolute greatest.”

Arnett said it was a pleasure to see his friend live in recovery.

“It was great to see you in this place and to see that you are comfortable, nothing has made me happier,” said Arnett. “It made me happy to see you so happy with who you are.”