Box office in Quebec: Top Gun continues to dominate

Box office in Quebec: Top Gun continues to dominate

The new one is almost three months after the start top gun continues to cause a stir in dark rooms. The sequel to the 1986 cult film even broke the $10 million mark at the Quebec box office a few days ago.

This is the first time since the pandemic began that a film has grossed more than $10 million at the province’s box office. According to the agency Cinéac, you have to go back to 2019 to find the last two productions to have reached this peak in Quebec, namely Avengers: Endgame ($11.9 million) and The Lion King ($10.4 million). ).

Released in late May after being launched to great fanfare at the Cannes Film Festival, Top Gun: Maverick has been a huge hit worldwide. In the United States, the Tom Cruise film just rose to the 7th place in the list of highest-grossing films in history at the North American box office, right behind Titanic. To date, Top Gun has grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide. Tom Cruise and his crew can safely say, mission accomplished!

Arlette in 6th place

For Quebec films, the political comedy Arlette, which marks Maripier Morin’s return to the top spot, stayed in sixth place at the provincial box office for its second weekend of cinemas. After ten days in theaters, the film, directed by Mariloup Wolfe, has grossed $340,416.

Almost a month after its release, Luc Picard’s thriller Confessions is still in the top 10 most popular films and has grossed $1.1 million to date. As for the Quebec novelty of the week, the satirical comedy Les Tricheurs, debuted on the 9th with a $29,853 crop.