Bowler hat woman decides to post photo that can be ‘banned’ if she opens panties and throws in drink

Bowler hat woman decides to post photo that can be ‘banned’ if she opens panties and throws in drink

Shocked again! Renata Frisson, better known as Mulher Melão, returned to show a new angle of her new shoot on Tuesday afternoon (09) in which she appears in white lingerie, showing almost too much.

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“I’m waiting for you, I’m waiting here,” he wrote in the publication’s caption. In the clip, Mulher Melão appears wearing white underwear while she decides to just undo her panties and put nothing else inside, nothing less than the drink she’s holding.

“Every photo is a shot! Boyfriend you rock too much,” noted another in the comments box. “My wish was to have you in that pose one day… Ah my heart just can’t take it woman,” snapped another.

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Photo: Playback/Instagram

Bowler hat woman sells $2,000 panties to American

During an interview with Quem magazine, Mulher Melão released the verb and commented more about things that make her money outside of OnlyFans. According to the model, people pay high prices for their underwear.

“There are people on my channel who have already spent more than $30,000 on me. A person. There is a man you interact with and he ends up getting excited and giving tips [gorjeta]’ said the melon woman.

“You let go. Today I’m picking up a pair of panties from the mail that an American bought for two thousand dollars. I put perfume on it, I did it very nicely,” he concluded.


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