Boston Bar continues lame feud with Steph and Ayesha Curry

Boston Bar continues lame feud with Steph and Ayesha Curry

The battle between a Boston bar and the Curry family continued in Game 6 of the NBA Finals this week.

Continue to play! outside Fenway Park doubled down on his silly joke about Ayesha Curry after receiving an unlikely response from her husband earlier this week.

The bar put up a new sign that read “Ayesha Curry Can’t Cook” in all caps and hung up a few packs of instant ramen, perhaps suggesting that’s all the cookbook author and restaurateur can actually make.

This feud began just before the Warriors’ 107-97 Game 4 win over the Celtics in Boston, when the bar chalked up a sign that simply read, “Ayesha Curry Can’t Cook” on a sandwich board. The golden state point guard then fired back with a T-shirt that read “Ayesha Curry CAN Cook,” which he wore after his team’s Game 5 win over the Celtics on Tuesday.

“I’m the little king, so I know everything about everything,” Curry said Wednesday. And he really meant EVERYTHING.

It’s hard to see where Steph is going in this feud that has evolved into two sides playing yes-she-can-no-she-can’t back and forth. Does he break out another shirt that just turns that sign’s “can’t” back into a “can”? Does he eat his wife’s meal while doing his post-game press conference? Does he just come out and say that the chef at the bar mocking his wife’s cooking skills is the real one who can’t cook? Who knows? Neither site really wastes much creativity reserved for the Dubs fans who bombard the restaurant with reviews on Yelp.

One thing is for sure, the Warriors can wrap up Thursday’s NBA Finals with a Game 6 win in Boston and haven’t lost since that feud caught the attention of Warriors fans. Maybe the bar owners just want this streak to be over sooner rather than later.