1674608904 Boomerissima Marcuzzi unthinkable pole dance in front of everyone

Boomerissima, Marcuzzi unthinkable: pole dance in front of everyone

Boomerissima Marcuzzi unthinkable pole dance in front of everyone

Surprises are expected in Boomerissima. He’s considering anticipating a few gems Alessia Marcuzzi. The host of the Rai 2 show publishes the proof of the new episode on Instagram. And this is where we see them busy Pole Dance. In the background, screams and applause from those present in the studio.

Something was wrong.  I had to...: Marcuzzi, a bomb on Mediaset

The program will therefore be continued quickly. The format is now well known: a challenge between different epochs with a hostess who not only entertains but also dances. In short, success is guaranteed. On the other hand, Rai’s decision to extend the show’s airing, which ends on February 14, is less obvious.

Absolutely not.  Alessia Marcuzzi, clear message to Venier

In the meantime, the teams of Bommers and Millennials who will compete tonight are made up of: Lodovica Comello, Geppi Cucciari, Francesca Manzini, Giorgio Mastrota, Mietta, Francesco Paolantoni, Riki and Pierpaolo Spollon. The goal? Convincing the studio audience that their years are the best ever. Then among the guests Drusilla Foer, Nek, Corona and Rocco Hunt. So it only remains to be seen. One thing is certain: Marcuzzi does not seem to regret the decision to leave Mediaset. As she herself reiterated, the time had come for a change. And luck kissed her.

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