Boomerissima Episode 3 Preview Guests Teams and All the Details

Boomerissima Episode 3 Preview: Guests, Teams, and All the Details Velvet Mag

Everything ready for the third appointment with Boomerissima, the program by Alessia Marcuzzi: here’s what will happen. It is scheduled to air Tuesday 24th January in prime time on Rai 2. Here’s who will make up the two rival teams in the next episode.

After a somewhat hesitant start boomers scored good reviews on the second date and saw an unexpectedly growing trend, both in viewers and shares. It was actually enough last week 1,459,000 spectators equals8.49% Percentage versus debut’s 1,310,000 (7.37%).

Boomerissima, preview of the third episode of the showAlessia Marcuzzi during Domenica In, a TV show on Rai Uno hosted by Mara Venier, Rome, January 15, 2023. ANSA/GIUSEPPE LAMI – VelvetMag

As always, the focus of the episode will be the generational confrontation boomers and millennials who will compete against each other in a light atmosphere that combines variety with game show to convince the audience present in the studio that their years are the best ever. Once again, those directly involved compete in a field peppered with various tests: super hits; evolution of dance; What year is it; Everyone sings Sanremo; you are a myth; challenge fashion and finally, The Closing Speech.

To put together the two teams of the program, produced by Prime Time Entertainment Direction in collaboration with Banijay Italythe celebrities who lived through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. To guide them, the same Alessia Marcuzzi who for the occasion, as always, personally participates in the various moments of the animation. In short, we discover the protagonists of the next installment that arrives tomorrow evening, Tuesday January 24th.

Boomerissima, new guests and new teams in the third episode: who will be there?

After two explosive dates full of twists and turns, including the much-discussed argument between them Tommaso Zorzi and Claudia Gerini, Boomerissima continues with a third episode. During its inception, the two teams Boomer and Millennials were each formed by Francesco Fachinetti, Claudia Gerin, Max Giusti and Sabrina Salernoon the one hand and during Electra Lamborghini, Valentin Romani, Gianmarco Tamberi and Tommaso Zorzion the other.

Booming third episodeBoomerissima What Will Happen In The Third Episode (Rai Press Office) – VelvetMag

Boomerissima’s second appointment instead looked involved alexia, Paolo Ciavarro, Katia Follesa, Maurizio Lastrico, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Elena Santarelli, Ema Stockholma and Giulia Stabile. But there was no lack of controversy in this case either, precisely because of the latter winner friends 20. In fact, the young dancer, born in 2002, belongs to Generation Z.

The teams competing in this episode consist of: Lodovica Comello, Geppi Cucciari, Francesca Manzini, Giorgio Mastrota, Mietta, Francesco Paolantoni, Riki and Pierpaolo Spollon. Among the guests: Drusilla Foer, Nek, Corona and Rocco hunt.

But that’s not all: in fact, as always, there will be moments of variety never seen before, also enriched by the great stage effects from the wardrobe with magical powers and the living room that takes back the time in an atmosphere of joy some characters, music, TV programs, Bringing the fashions and costumes of the past to life. Who will win the final challenge of this third episode? To find out, the appointment is for tomorrow, Tuesday, January 24thwith boomersthe program hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi in early evening on Rai 2.