Book Fair returns in person in Costa Rica

Book Fair returns in person in Costa Rica

Organized by the CCL, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the Children’s Museum in the capital, the XXI FilCR will take place from August 26th to September 4th and will take place this year at the Costa Rica Convention Center after two years due to the Covid-19 -Pandemic carried out virtually.

At a press conference, Castillo pointed out that the CCL is now entering into a strategic alliance with the Children’s Museum to promote reading among children and young people.

Inside the congress center, the children’s museum will offer a platform for leisure activities and reading promotion on an area of ​​62 square meters, but also workshops, storytelling and a very attractive program for school visitors and families with small children.

In this context, the manager of this institution, Mónica Riveros, thanked the CCL and the FilCR2022 for recognizing the educational and cultural contribution of their institution to the country, since it has made important efforts to promote reading in a fun way since its inception. in boys and girls.

He announced that “this time the fair will have a space dedicated exclusively to children, called Fantastic Letters, which will be imbued with the magic of learning through play”.

The organizers noted that the list of foreign guests will be headed by Spanish writer Ray Loriga, author of such novels as Worst of Everything, Heroes, Fallen from Heaven, Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore, “Triferous”, “The Man Who Invented Manhattan”. He only talks about Love, Sombrero and Mississippi, The Tear Drinker and Surrender (Alfaguara Prize Winner).

Likewise, they continued, more than 85 exhibitors will offer the largest catalog of books and novelties for 10 days, adding that for the first time the fair will offer a space dedicated to comics with national and Mexican companies and artists.

FilCR2022 will also feature original book club gatherings and more than 200 lectures, readings, book launches, meetings with booktubers, debates and exhibitions by exhibitors.

For Costa Rica Convention Center Executive Director Álvaro Rojas, the Book Fair is a very relevant event in many cities around the world, with many visitors and a great contribution to local culture, which is why we supported this initiative.