1672750659 quotbonusquot by William Travassos resigns

"bonus" by , William Travassos resigns

William Travassos, the big name in journalism at Jovem Pan and presenter of the station’s main newspaper, has resigned from the station after almost two years. The presenter’s work colleagues were surprised by the professional’s farewell this Monday (2). O Well Telinha contacted Jovem Pan’s press office, which confirmed the information.

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William himself took to social networks to announce his departure from the channel, which he has been involved in creating and broadcasting since 2020. “Almost two years ago I came here to work with the TV Jovem Pan News project. The decision to leave because I understood that I had fulfilled my mission with competence and professionalism. (…) All this was only possible thanks to the commitment of great employees and the consolidated presence of the Jovem Pan brand during its 80 years of existence”, he explains.

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“I record here my thanks to the Carvalho family, Tutinha, Marcelo and all the wonderful team who never faltered in the face of our daily challenge. I feel as fulfilled as I feel today. Many Thanks. In 2023 I will go my way in search of new professional and personal challenges and wish you all a successful year, health, love and prosperity.”

at boy pan Since its inception, William Travassos has directed the Jornal da Manhã, Second Edition and more recently Flagrante, Documento Jovem Pan, Opinião and Fast News.

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William Travassos received a differentiated salary from Jovem Pan


According to TVPop, the presenter was paid around BRL 40,000, below market value but a high amount compared to his colleagues at Jovem Pan, who earn other numbers. With his departure, Travassos will focus on running his restaurants and continuing his lawsuit against Record, the broadcaster that fired him in November 2018. In the lawsuit, he is asking for the station’s employees to be reinstated, but for compensation for nonpecuniary damages.

While some are leaving Jovem Pan, other professionals are returning to the channel, such as Tiago Pavinatto, who returned to command Linha de Frente this Monday (2).

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