Bonner’s behavior towards the waiter shocked everyone present

Bonner’s behavior towards the waiter shocked everyone present

William Bonner surprised everyone in a restaurant with a gesture he had with a waiter

William Bonnerwithout a doubt, is one of the most renowned journalists in Brazil. No wonder the famous man runs Jornal Nacional on Globo and also holds the position of EditorinChief. Away from the camera, Fátima Bernardes’ exhusband tries to live a life away from the limelight.

However, some attitudes towards which William Bonner is inclined do not go unnoticed by society. For example, one of them took place in a restaurant. What William Bonner did for one of the waiters is still viewed today as admirable and deeply humiliating.

It would actually have happened in 2020. On the occasion, over dinner, William Bonner discovered that the staff at his favorite restaurant were in high demand. Because one of his work colleagues was absent that day because his fouryearold son had died.


Sympathetic to the story, William Bonner got up and began helping the waiters. He served tables, mopped the floors and even helped close the cash register. At the time, everyone present was more than shocked by the attitude of the Globo journalist and impressed by the gesture.

William Bonner and Fatima Bernardes

Photo shows William Bonner in swimming trunks and Fátima Bernardes in a bikini, proving what many have never seen

William Bonner and Renata Vasconcellos (Photo: Reproduction)

Terrible night in which Renata Vasconcellos and William Bonner paralyzed Brazil with news

William Bonner is presenter and editorinchief (Photo: Disclosure / TV Globo)

The former Globo host’s revelation about William Bonner changed the public’s opinion of the host

In addition, William Bonner had another very moving attitude. He made a point of calling the waiter who lost his son and expressed his sincere condolences. The gesture of solidarity by the Globo presenter is always highly praised and fondly remembered by everyone.

William Bonner (Photo: Social Networks)William Bonner (Photo: Reproduction)


William Bonner has already shown that despite all his professionalism, he is very sensitive. So much so that on October 25, 2022 the death of the journalist Susana Naspolini (19722022) left the journalist and Renata Vasconcellos moved to the Jornal Nacional bench. While his partner couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t even say goodbye, the moderator also left a very emotional “see you tomorrow”.

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