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Bonner and other moderators posted salaries, AMAZING values ​​

Globo is popularly known as the largest Brazilian broadcaster, both for its audiovisual productions such as miniseries and soap operas, and for its efficient journalism. Due to the national recognition, the channel ends up appreciating the presenters very well and offers journalists high salaries.

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Among the best known names in Globo journalism are those of William Bonner, Cesar Tralli, Roberto Kovalick and Rodrigo Bocardi. Did you want to know how much these professionals get paid for working in a national network? Check the values ​​paid by the sender!

What is the salary of globo anchors?

Next to the anchor National Newspaper, William Bonner is also the editorinchief of the network’s largest news program in over two decades. The journalist began commanding Jornal Nacional alongside Lilian Witte Fibe in 1996. In 1999 he became not only the presenter, but also the editor of the program.

In 2018, Bonner began sharing leadership of the newspaper with his exwife, Fátima Bernardes.

According to Uol, the Salary Bonner’s current income is around R$ 1 million per month.

The moderator of Jornal Hoje, César Tralli, receives around R$ 120,000 per month. Regarding the Globo mornings in the state of São Paulo, we have Rodrigo Bocardi as the presenter of Bom Dia São Paulo. Her salary is fixed at one hundred thousand.

Finally, Globo’s first daily newspaper, Hora 1, is managed by Roberto Kovalick. Unfortunately, switching from day to night might not be very rewarding as Kovalick’s salary is estimated to be between R$20,000 and R$30,000 per month.

The value can be explained by the fact that the program was created only recently and is still under development.