Bombings during ceasefire are retaliation Russia says

Bombings during ceasefire are “retaliation,” Russia says

This Sunday (8th) the Russian military is said to have bombed two barracks in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. she justified the action as “retaliation” for the Ukrainian attack on Mak√©yevka on New Year’s Evein which 89 Russian soldiers were killed.

“In response to the regime’s criminal bombing of Kyiv in the first minutes of January 2023, […] Russian forces conducted a retaliatory operation,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in its daily report.

Earlier, authorities in Kyiv, Ukraine, denounced Russian attacks in the Donetsk and Kherson regions that have killed two Ukrainians and wounded nine over the past 24 hours, despite the ceasefire announced by the Russian president.

On Thursday (5), Vladimir Putin declared a 36hour ceasefireto allow Orthodox Christians to gather for Christmas, which is celebrated on January 7 in Russia and Ukraine.

The unilateral ceasefire ended at 21:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, in Portuguese, marked in London, United Kingdom) on Saturday, which is 18:00 Brazilian time.

In eastern Donetsk, Russia’s armed attack has left one dead and eight wounded, said Kirilo Tymoshenko, a representative of Ukraine’s presidential office.

He also stated that one person was killed in northeast Kharkiv and another injured in southern Kherson.

“Despite the socalled ‘ceasefire’ declared by the Russian occupiers, […] The enemy launched nine missiles, conducted three airstrikes and fired 40 projectiles,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. “Civil infrastructure was affected,” the ministry said.

This was noted by Kiev journalists and AFP correspondents on the ground There are few signs Saturday’s fighting has eased (7).

“After midnight, the enemy fired seven rockets at Kramatorsk and two at Kostiantinivka,” Donetsk governor Pavlo Kirilenko said.

On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry insisted fighting had stopped but admitted it had repelled a series of Ukrainian attacks and killed dozens of soldiers.

THE Ukraine condemned the ceasefire as a Russian tactic to buy timeregroup your forces and bolster your defenses after multiple setbacks on the battlefield.

Lugansk governor Sergii Gaidai said the Russians were moving troops from Bakhmut, the current epicenter of the fighting, to the city of Kreminna.

“We expect hostilities to intensify,” Gaidai added, citing the difficulties with the subzero temperatures they are facing.