Bolsonaro lags behind Lula second round is necessary in Brazil

Bolsonaro lags behind Lula: second round is necessary in Brazil

divided society

The election has extremely divided Latin America’s largest economy. Lula called Bolsonaro a genocide because of his hesitant crown policy, and Bolsonaro called his opponent a thief after his conviction for corruption.

“The majority of society does not want confrontation, it wants peace,” Lula said after voting on Sunday. “I think it will be easy for us to restore democracy and peace in this country.”

Bolsonaro supporters, on the other hand, see their head of state as a champion of traditional family values ​​and economic freedom. During the demonstrations, radical supporters of the reserve captain blatantly called for a military coup. The right-wing president has repeatedly cast doubt on the electoral system and indicated that he may not recognize the result. “What matters is clean and trouble-free elections,” he said on Sunday. “May the best win.”

Amazon carbon stocks

The presidential election in Brazil is also of great importance to the rest of the world. As a large carbon sink, the Amazon region plays an important role in combating global climate change. In view of the tense situation in the energy and food markets due to the war in Ukraine, the country with its huge natural resources and large agricultural economy is also an interesting trading partner.