Bolsonaro gave more power to the military

Bolsonaro gave more power to the military

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By: Roberto Morejon

The progress of the investigation into the attempted coup in Brazil underscores the long arm of the military power which, by complicity or omission, paved the way for former President Jair Bolsonaro’s fanatical mob to plunder the seat of the three branches of local democracy.

One of the first signs of the collusion lies in the speed with which the Bolsonaro hordes entered the Planalto Palace in the capital after exceeding the inadequate confinement.

The lack of a large number of competent security personnel did not appear to be an isolated case, as the secret services had already warned of the aggressive intentions of Bolsonaro fans.

Quite a few of them stood furiously outside the army headquarters in Brasilia for 70 days.

The governor of the federal district, Ibaneis Rocha, denounced that the army prevented the retreat of the settlements of the former president’s supporters.

This was the case despite sounding the alarm by exposing voter fraud without evidence, calling for armed forces intervention and preventing communism from reaching Brazil, as they cried.

None of those in uniform seemed unimpressed by such references, combined with warnings on social networks to award the right-wing extremist candidate Jair Bolsonaro the “triumph”.

The latter praised the military during his tenure, did not hide his admiration for the 1964 coup in Brazil, and supported one of his sons in promoting arms sales associations.

All of this ties in with a compromising discovery at the home of Bolsonaro’s former minister, Anderson Torres.

The police found a draft decree by which the former captain’s government intended to annul the results of the elections through the intervention of the Electoral Court.

Thus, the premeditatedness of the January 8 coup against democracy and the wisdom of President Lula, who ordered the intervention of the Brasilia police, summoned the National Security Force to restore order and responded to a request from this guy to the headquarters withdrawn from the army.

Brazil continues to be moved by the furious attack on the nation’s three main powers and by the ongoing investigation, which has not stopped at the knocking on the doors of some police and military commanders.