Bolsonaro enters into tangible discussion with Youtuber

Bolsonaro enters into tangible discussion with Youtuber

Brazil’s campaign president first took selfies with supporters. Then a man started asking critical questions while filming himself.

Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro had a brief physical altercation with a YouTuber who had previously taunted and insulted him. A video published on Thursday by the Brazilian news portal “G1” shows how Bolsonaro, who was on campaign, first took selfies with supporters in front of the presidential residence in the capital Brasília.

Then the Youtuber identified by “G1” as Wilker Leão started asking critical questions of the president and filming himself. A person not seen in the recordings then threw Leão to the ground, to which the youtuber shouted a series of curses such as “coward” and “vagabundo” to the president.

The bouncers intervene

Bolsonaro, who had already gotten into the car, got out again, ran towards Leão with the words “come here, I want to talk to you”, tried to grab his cell phone, grabbed his shirt and then his arm with both hands. Security quickly intervened and took Leão away. Minutes later, the opponents – separated from the bodyguards – had a brief conversation.

Bolsonaro and his opponent Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva officially started their campaign for the presidential elections in October on Tuesday. Polls show former leftist president Lula clearly ahead of the incumbent.

In a new poll by the opinion polling institute Datafolha, Lula, 76, comes in at 47%, Bolsonaro, at 67, at 32%. The right-wing president managed to reduce the gap to his opponent by three points compared to the previous month. If neither candidate gets more than 50% of the vote in the first ballot on October 2, there will be a runoff on October 30.