Bolsonaro criticizes leftwing governments in South America: “Do you want that for Brazil?”  Globus

Bolsonaro criticizes leftwing governments in South America: “Do you want that for Brazil?” Globus

The PL’s reelection candidate, President Jair Bolsonaro, repeated criticism of leftwing governments in South America Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela during a campaign event in São José dos Campos (SP) this Thursday (18th).

Accompanied by allies and Republican candidate for São Paulo government Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, Bolsonaro visited the São José dos Campos Technology Park, participated in a motorbike ride, snapped photos with voters and gave speeches.

“Look where these countries are going. Check out our Chile where to go. Do you want that for Brazil?” Bolsonaro asked during an interview with journalists.

The reelection candidate has bet on the speech promoting an alleged risk of Brazil becoming a communist country if former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who is leading the polls on voting intentions, wins the Palácio do Highland race .

Lula has a political affinity with Presidents Alberto Fernández (Argentina), Gustavo Boric (Chile), Gustavo Petro (Colombia) and Nicolás Maduro (Venezuela).

In an interview, Bolsonaro criticized the measures taken by Gustavo Petro, who was recently sworn in in Colombia. The politician, economist and former M19 militant guerrilla, the first leftwing president to rule the country, advocates policy changes to combat drug trafficking.

Recently, Petro announced changes in military leadership after using the “no human rights violations and no corruption” criterion. Bolsonaro did not directly congratulate Petro on the victory and did not attend the inauguration of the Colombian leader.

In an interview, Bolsonaro said journalists should compare leftwing governments in the region with his government. The President took the opportunity to defend his government’s economic policies.

“Everyone expected an economic catastrophe to vote for the left here in Brazil. They went wrong,” he said.

In a speech to supporters, the President also highlighted government action to lower fuel prices at service stations.