Bolsonarista aggressively invades s live inbox preventing the reporter from

Bolsonarista aggressively invades ‘s live inbox, preventing the reporter from working

The journalist was visibly embarrassed about the situation

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247 An unidentified man broke into a live broadcast of the news program SP1 shown by Globo de São Paulo this Monday (4). Presenter Sabina Simonato announced the highlights of the day and reporter Filipe Gonçalves walked in to cover the rise in gas cylinder prices. However, with the intrusion of the citizen, he had to interrupt his speech. The information comes from the TV News portal.

“As fuel consumption increases, it’s time for the 13 kg bottle, a basic product for all of us. The government said that the price per bottle is…” Gonçalves began. At that moment he was interrupted by the man screaming. “Trashball! Garbageball!” the stranger shouted.

“Do you see the education of the people there, Sabina,” the journalist complained as soon as the transmission was interrupted and he returned to the station’s studios. “No problem, let’s go Felipe,” the moderator continued.


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