Bolivian putschists set fire to public buildings in Santa Cruz

Bolivian putschists set fire to public buildings in Santa Cruz

Violent putschist groups from the so-called Cruceñista Youth Union (UJC), dubbed “Camachistas” in reference to the imprisoned governor Luis Fernando Camacho, this Sunday torched one of the branches of the state-owned Banco Unión and other buildings in a bid to take over those facilities .


They arrest people involved in vandalism in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The offices of the departmental command of the police are located in the facilities that were attacked and the seizure of which they tried this Sunday morning to report them from this entity.

These are the latest acts of violence following the arrest and imprisonment of ex-citizen and governor Camacho in the case of Coup I, the coup that violently ended the government of then-President Evo Morales.

According to the complaints, the violent groups took over, looted and burned the state agency’s offices, as they had previously done with the Santa Cruz Department Attorney’s Office, the National Tax Agency and other key government agencies.

For his part, government minister Eduardo del Castillo denounced that “irregular groups that have attacked democracy and attacked the police and public institutions are using Molotov cocktails”.

Del Castillo reported that two officers were injured because of this, although “they are not serious”.

The minister himself reported on Sunday that a total of 22 people were arrested for violence, destruction and arson at the prosecutor’s office, the police command and the house of a national authority.

People have been linked to three acts of violence and their hearings were held during this wave of violence and in the case of the destruction and deterioration of the Santa Cruz Capital Police Department’s departmental command, the 11 people arrested accepted their guilt and decided to take advantage of an abbreviated felony trial criminal association, public provocation to commit a crime, arson, aggravated robbery, etc