Bolivia prefers Santa Cruz with fuel subsidies

Bolivia prefers Santa Cruz with fuel subsidies

“The national government, through its operational branch YPFB, supports Santa Cruz with this amount for the fuel subsidies, which are heavily concentrated in this region of the country,” said Armin Dorgathen, president of this company.

The executive described that these hydrocarbons benefit various agricultural, industrial, commercial and transportation activities.

Breaking down these subsidies, he explained that the consumption of diesel oil in the Department of Santa Cruz amounts to US$460.92 million and mainly contributes to the heavy transport and industrial sectors.

Likewise, the subsidy for gasoline and consumables is $219.96 million, relieving people’s pockets.

As part of the productive community social economy model promoted by President Luis Arce’s government, fuel prices in Bolivia remain firm, contributing to good quality inputs and reducing the risk of an inflationary wave.

According to Dorgathen, YPFB, together with the General State Treasury, is helping to maintain economic stability in the mountainous region and protect the purchasing power of the population.

He noted that for this, the supply is guaranteed on the basis of national production and imports of fuels, inputs and additives.

He insisted the state oil company was farsighted in aiming to secure fuel for manufacturing and service sectors nationally.

“In this way, economic activities will have sufficient volume to carry out their activities with absolute normality and with price stability during the current government,” stressed the President of YPFB, referring to the mandate received by the dignitary Arce.