Bolivia facilitates continuity of study in a new course

Bolivia facilitates continuity of study in a new course

“We are looking at new students in their first year of primary education, as well as their first year of secondary education, who are the only students who will enroll,” Education Minister Édgar Pary said.

He clarified that students who need to make changes or updates to their school enrollment can do so from February 1-7.

He explained that, unless there was an exceptional case of changing schools, this would be settled in the first week of the beginning of the pedagogical work.

Because of this, Pary insisted that parents not wait in unnecessary lines because students are already automatically enrolled.

He described that the requirements for the basic level are the birth certificate or ID card, in addition to the vaccination card, except for the anti-Covid-19 immunization, which he said is important but not a requirement, and the documents of the parents or guardians .

Regarding the first of primary school and the first of secondary school, the personal documents of the student and parents or guardians are required.

Regarding the updating of the educational curriculum, Pary reported that it was systematic and continued in 2021 with the revision of the programmatic content, a phase that ended in a pedagogical meeting in the city of Cochabamba.

At the request of the parents, this work was continued in 2022, as it was determined that the students had a learning disability as a result of the school closure and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pary asserted that the curriculum was adhered to, as were the teachers’ class times, which is why some protests in the industry are unfounded.

He described that around 50,000 teachers took part in the first phase of the curriculum update and 54,000 in the second.

He described the teacher’s willingness to improve as good and pointed out that at least 441,000 teachers are trained in various disciplines in special courses.