"Blood all over the study": Gerry Scotti, the live accident is very serious    Lineadiretta24.it    ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

"Blood all over the study": Gerry Scotti, the live accident is very serious Lineadiretta24.it ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

quotBlood all over the studyquot Gerry Scotti the live accidentGerry Scotti-Lineadiretta24

A major live incident that Gerry Scotti had to face terrified the entire TV show studio. What happened?

Since its distant beginnings gerry scotti, per century Virginio Scotti, has won the hearts of Italians with its grace, its elegance, its never out of place irony and culture. Loved by young and old, it is no coincidence that it is considered for a good portion of Italians who follow TV the direct heir of the late Mike Bongiorno.

A career that started far away on radio and has touched different areas of the show. Who doesn’t remember the hilarious sitcom Alone At Last, which he starred in for five years in the early 2000s Maria Amelia Monti?

But Gerry is above all a presenter, the first game shows to bear his name are unforgettable, such as “The Game of Nine”, “Passaparola” and the more recent “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”. and free fall. A stormy career to be owed Claudia Cecchetto which persuaded him many years ago to quit his job and take over as DJ and announcer at Radio DeeJay. He recalled that choice: “I had a great salary, lots of benefits, and even a paying dentist. So when I got home and said I wanted to go to the show, my mom almost got cuddled.”

Gerry Scotti: The incident live

Among the various transmissions and who see him as a protagonist Gerry Scotti is also a judge at Tu si que vales next to Maria De Filippi, Teo Mammucari and Rudy Zerbi. The four bring to life real small theaters that amuse audiences and often involve the poor Sabrina Ferrilli, popular judge.

Frequently Gerry He gets involved in the strangest tests that the competitors bring, plays along and proves that he is human very humble suitable for the joke. But sometimes Tragedy is around the corner.

1674245520 143 quotBlood all over the studyquot Gerry Scotti the live accidentAnother picture by Gerry Scotti-Lineadiretta24

Another brand format scotti is the interesting Lo Show dei Record, a talent show where contestants from all over the world try to set new records by beating existing ones in often dangerous ventures. And in one of them the accident happened.

During the edition aired in 2022, there were two competitors, Chris and Elenathey undertook the test of breaking wooden tablets that they already owned individually, so they wanted to face it by couple. But the woman She injured her hand lost a lot of blood, although she didn’t stop. Time passed, Gerry Scotti He intervened and asked for the injured hand to be bandaged. However, a record of 340 broken wooden panels was achieved.

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