Blocked bridge tunnel A Farfadaas pleads guilty the chiefs trial

Blocked bridge tunnel: A “Farfadaas” pleads guilty, the chief’s trial begins

Another Farfadaas, who had blocked the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine bridge tunnel to demonstrate against sanitation measures, finally decided to plead guilty this morning, just before the trial of its leader, who was also accused, began.

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“I just want to keep going,” André Desfossés said Monday at the Montreal courthouse.

Desfossés, 58, therefore admitted to wreaking havoc by taking part in an operation to block the bridge tunnel in March 2021. In the late afternoon of that day, a group of people in several vehicles had then deliberately stopped in the middle of the tunnel, blocking all lanes with two rows of cars.

“Loud music was playing, people were singing outside while many vehicles were unable to drive as the three lanes were blocked,” explained Me Martin Bourgeois of the Crown.

In total, motorists were completely immobilized for about five minutes.

Andre Desfosses

Photo Martin Alarie / JdeM

Andre Desfosses

Farfadaas arrested

According to statements at the time, the aim of the demonstrators was to resist hygiene measures, but this morning one person spoke of a demonstration against police brutality.

However, the police eventually arrested a group of people all connected to the Farfadaas group. This group, led by Steeve Charland, is best known for its involvement in last year’s occupation of Ottawa.

After Desfossés’ guilty plea to mischief, the Crown withdrew the conspiracy charge. He will return to court for sentencing arguments in the coming months.

Mario Roy

Photo Martin Alarie / JdeM

Mario Roy

The leader defends himself

However, his leader is seeking a full acquittal on all charges. Charland, 49, has pleaded not guilty, as has his acolytes Karol Tardif and Tommy Rioux. Another figurehead in the anti-sanitation movement, Mario Roy, also pleaded not guilty.

Her trial began this morning with the testimony of a motorist who was caught in a traffic jam.

The trial before Judge Jean-Jacques Gagné is scheduled for two weeks.

Note that one of the defendants, Patrick Dupuis, pleaded guilty in November 2021 and received 45 days’ suspended prison time and one year’s probation. For his part, Michel Jr. Deshaies died in the summer.

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