Blind Street Cat Determined To Find A Home For Her

Blind Street Cat Determined To Find A Home For Her And Her Puppies Tribuna de Jundiaí

Mama Clue was a stray cat who stopped in front of a couple’s house to get help for her kittens. Luckily, he noticed them when the couple’s son stopped by to visit his parents.

According to the man, the cat had its eyes completely closed and scabbed. Curious, he followed her into the cave where she slept and found three puppies waiting for her there. The cat knew how much she and her babies needed help, so whenever the opportunity presented itself, she’d get someone’s attention.

Kitten Rescue

So the man contacted a rescue NGO, who quickly took the cat and kittens for a visit to the vet. “That’s what people thought at the time [Mama Clue] She had bad eye infections that just closed her eyes and she was given a shot of antibiotics,” Mary Huckabee, an officer with Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, told The Dodo.

The NGO initially had no foster home available, but did not let the small family back onto the streets. So they quickly devised a plan to make everything work. “We worried about the health of the weekold babies if they had to be out with a sick mum. So we went into foster care and were placed in a house with an experienced person to take care of Clue and her babies.”

cat with puppiesPhoto: Mary Huckabee/The Dodo

According to the NGO, all the puppies had health problems but luckily were rescued just in time. As the kittens settled in, the foster owner noticed that her eyes weren’t just infected she had no normal eye tissue and was completely blind.

Super cat mom

However, somehow she survived on her own and managed to be a great mom to her puppies, including making sure they were found and taken to a safe place. Thanks to timely care, all kittens began to heal, and Mama Clue never failed to prove that she truly is the best mom ever.

cat with puppiesPhoto: Mary Huckabee/The Dodo

She closely supervised the foster parents who took the babies outside for daily weighing and medication. Occasionally the cat was surprised when one of the kittens meowed in a place she hadn’t expected.

Also, the mother wasn’t very happy when the babies started walking more at around 3 weeks of age they didn’t stay where she put them! She carried her back to “her place” before realizing she was up against a losing battle and the babies were now ready to explore.

Photos: Mary Huckabee/The Dodo

So Mama Clue dropped her guard and now feels safe in her foster home. She loves cuddles and tummy massages and is happy to greet her tutor when she enters the room. Soon the kittens will be old enough to go into permanent foster homes. But in the meantime, they’re enjoying life off the streets and safe like momma dreamed it would be.