Blanco releases an apology song after the incident with the

Blanco releases an apology song after the incident with the roses in Sanremo: «Suddenly you are wrong»

An audio note without a caption appeared on Blanco’s Instagram profile. A few piano chords and a sad melody form the background. The title is “Sbagli MEISTER”. The voice is that of the twenty-year-old singer, intoning twenty-two minutes of unedited material believed to be dedicated to Sanremo. “But if it were morning – he sings – / your voice would not be heard / the dawn would not warm you / you would be alone / you would cry for your mistakes / suddenly you are wrong”.

The sound follows the news of February 16 that the Imperia Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a preliminary investigation against the singer for serious damage after kicking the stage sets on the first evening of the Sanremo Festival. Blanco doesn’t write anything. It doesn’t add any words other than the ones it sings in the audio. Suddenly his voice cracks and he seems close to tears: “I know I’m twenty / but they don’t know / that you run away from adults / but they don’t / that you cry in the toilet / but they do not”. The comments below the post confirm the feeling that the audio is dedicated to Sanremo and most of them show their closeness to the singer. Among them is a message from Madame, who was a participant at the festival.

«Leave me or not / or ruin the life I have / but then leave me / I want to hear as loud as possible / the faults I have / as if I have more faults than you / I kick the roses in the Heaven harder / This false world seems truer now.’ Like all the singles he has released, this is the collaboration of producer and musician Michelangelo, who also took the stage during the host event in early February.

It’s not Blanco’s first appearance on his Instagram profile after what happened in Sanremo. The next day, February 8, he published a letter of apology, publicly asking forgiveness from the flower city.