Blackout, fear at high altitude for Alessandro Preziosi    VIDEO    Agency ANSA

Blackout, fear at high altitude for Alessandro Preziosi VIDEO Agency ANSA

“Life can go from a luxury vacation to a nightmare in a split second, but it was interesting to observe that just when you think you’ve lost everything, you often find yourself and the courage to fight for what what really matters and discovering for yourself people as they are.” “Personally, it was one of the most difficult experiences of my career. We were 13 weeks in a place where there was nothing and that had never happened to me. It was not easy.” Word of Alessandro Preziosi, again in the role of a father (after the recent experience of lying lives of adults), is from January 23 on Rai1 the protagonist of “Black Out – Suspended lives”, the series of four Prime time evenings , for a total of eight episodes, a co-production of Rai Fiction – Èliseo Entertainment, with the participation of Viola Film, in collaboration with the Trentino Film Commission, produced by Luca Barbareschi. “Here I am Gio vanni Lo Bianco, a widowed father with two children who decided to book a holiday in the mountains with them to relax. I’m a real estate agent, but again I have a secret past that I thought I’d walked away from… I’m a man in trouble.When everything seems more or less solvable, a meeting (with Marco Rossetti) catapults him into one strong blackout, until the personal events – we do not want to spoil – are absorbed by the catastrophe that awaits all the characters”. Preziosi recalls an anecdote from the set: “It was a beautiful sunny day and we were on a steep slope with snowshoes In short, we start climbing and if you turn around you will see that it is steep and there is I’m tall, I play sports, but deep down I’m a sailor – continues the Neapolitan actor – and I see Massimo, a real climber, who kept us at a distance from me and I start screaming until it’s two centimeters from my face.It was one of the most delicate episodes, now we’re all here and we can say it… but in short, I said to myself: it’s over, what the heck”. The fiction was presented at the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini in the presence of Maria Pia Ammirati and Michele Zatta, director and manager of the structure of Rai Fiction, and the producer Luca Barbareschi. Present director Riccardo Donna and screenwriter Valerio D’Annunzio and the entire cast from Preziosi to Marco Rossetti, from Aurora Ruffino to Caterina Shulha and Rike Schmid. It is a mystery drama set at high altitude. It’s a spectacular story full of suspense but also emotion and humanity. The protagonists are the customers of a luxury hotel in the small and exclusive ski resort of the Vanoi Valley in Trentino. Here they spend the Christmas holidays with their loved ones. But the earth trembles and the detachment of a massive avalanche isolates the valley, preventing possible rescue from the only pass that connects it to the rest of the world. The country is isolated, the power is down, communications are down. Characters with secrets, hidden identities and ambiguous professionals who are ready for anything remain trapped in a pleasant vacation. Among them is a murderer. The avalanche forces vacationers and residents of the small town into a unique experience that will force them to confront themselves and others: they will only be able to get out if they overcome their fears, their prejudices and learn to be a community. An intense and exciting mystery directed by Riccardo Donna (shot in large 6K format with important VFX and great digital effects). Among the films that arrive at the cinema, Alessandro Preziosi announces “Shakespea-King of Naples”, from the play of the same name by Ruggero Cappuccio, present in more than 150 Italian and foreign cinemas with great public and critical acclaim.



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