1674962058 Blackout at GF Vip but the live broadcast doesnt stop

Blackout at GF Vip, but the live broadcast doesn’t stop, the reactions of the competitors: “Now he’s trom*a”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Yesterday evening, the participants found themselves in the dark in the GF VIP house: there was a power failure for about a minute in the Cinecittà house. The reactions of the VIPs were unexpected: between shouts and smiles, a voice could be heard shouting: “Lemonade? Now he fucks.”

Blackout at GF Vip but the live broadcast doesnt stop

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Last night at the house of Big Brother VIP The participants were completely in the dark. There was one in Cinecittà’s house power outages: The protagonists of the reality edition were in different areas of the house when suddenly the lights went out. The cameras continued to record and thus filmed live the reactions of the VIPs, who were unleashed between screams and jumps: “Everything that happens now will not be recorded,” Daniele said. “Now he fucks”, someone else.

The video of the blackout at GF VIP

There was one power outages from a few minutes at the GF VIP house last night. The competitors believed that the live broadcast was lost with the power failure: this was not the case, the cameras continued to film and thus recorded the reactions of the VIPs. “Fantastic, fantastic, come on”, says Luca Onestini, “Lemonade?” Edoardo Donnamaria would have answered. The screams of the competitors can be heard in the videos circulating on Twitter. Someone started singing the “Happy Birthday” song, “Everything that happens now will not be recorded,” says Daniele Dal Moro. Finally a voice that seems to be screaming at Tavassi: “Now he fucks”. However, the blackout would have lasted almost a minute: the director’s voice picked up the boys again, who immediately burst out laughing.

Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro make peace

After very hard clashes and tears, Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro became closer yesterday. Both accused each other of their behavior, “You made me not believe you”, the words of Daniele Dal Moro, which immediately provoked a reaction from the Spanish competitor, who declared that she could never trust her if she did would not give her the opportunity to get to know more deeply. After a long hug, they both promised to get to know each other better outside, where they won’t be conditioned by the dynamics of the game.