Black bear in Colorado takes a series of selfies

01/28/2023 6:52 pm (act. 01/28/2023 06:52 pm)

A bear from a photographic model: In the US state of Colorado, a bear fell several times into a camera trap for park officials. The curious black bear discovered one of nine cameras installed by the park administration to monitor the area. The bear flipped the camera 400 times and looked sometimes cheeky, sometimes dreamy from his chocolate side. The park administration’s tweet with the beautiful series of photos went viral.

Black bears are solitary and generally tend to be reserved, according to a Colorado Wildlife Parks Administration report. Therefore, there is no accurate information about how many black bears live in Colorado. According to conservative estimates, there were up to 20,000 animals in 2015. The purpose of the cameras was to collect information about wildlife in the area so that they could be better protected, he said. The bear selfies were taken a few months ago, park officials said. Black bears are hibernating in Colorado.