Bizarrap The reasons why the producer was sanctioned hours after

Bizarrap: The reasons why the producer was sanctioned hours after the release of his new song with Shakira

Currently the Argentine producer Bizarrap has become one of the most popular musical figures on social mediabecause every time he releases one of his popular recording sessions with different artists, they have received millions of views on both video and audio platforms.

Bizarre rap is back in fashion now due to the release of his new song together with Colombian singer Shakirawhich corresponds to session number 53.

The song managed to get more than 75 million views on YouTube in 48 hours. and millions of plays on Spotify.

But hours after his song with Shakira was released on January 11th, Bizarrap had been sanctioned by YouTubewhich made the Argentines disgusted.

It turns out that bizarre rap was already relevant days before the start of his song with the Colombian artist, since December 31, 2022 the Argentine producer released a song in honor of the Argentine teamafter being crowned world champion at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The song, titled “Three stars for the ensemble‘ it launched on the YouTube platform in collaboration with artist Duki, and in less than 10 hours the song had already reached 1.7 million views.

However, on January 11, YouTube blocked the video of the Bizarrap and Duki song because it violated the platform’s rules, specifically, with inappropriate use of copyrighted images.

In the video they showed various clips of Argentina’s victory over France’s selection in the World Cup final, like Gonzalo Montiel’s penalty and the hug between Leandro Paredes and Lionel Messi.

Now the bizarre rap video he made for Argentina’s victory at the World Cup in Qatar no longer availablejust some reuploads from other youtube channels.