Bitter Earth, Progress August 16  19, 2022

Bitter Earth, Progress August 16 19, 2022

After the accident that took Mistik to the hospital, Yilmaz is very devastated. Fekeli cheers him up, but at the same time warns him not to be careful enough and reminds him to always be on the lookout. Gaffur tries to discredit Yilmaz in front of the workers by reminding everyone that their true benefactor is only Demir. Meanwhile, everyone is talking about Yilmaz’s return to the city. Yilmaz secretly meets with Gulten and asks her to put him in touch with Zuleyha. Gulten is very disappointed as she hoped Yilmaz would reciprocate her feelings and as soon as she gets home she is in despair. Zuleyha also turns to Gulten to entrust her with a letter for Yilmaz, but unfortunately Gaffur manages to intercept her and immediately speaks to Demir about it.

Demir locks Zuleyha in her room and goes in her place to the appointment she made with Yilmaz. The two face each other and as Yilmaz leaves and Demir is about to shoot him, Hunkar arrives. Frightened, Yilmaz shoots Demir but hits Hunkar; Demir then shoots at Yilmaz. Hunkar is taken to the hospital and immediately operated on while Yilmaz is not seriously injured. At the estate, Demir takes Adnan from Zuleyha and leaves him to Sermin, dreaming up the idea that his wife wants to take him to Istanbul. He gathers the servants and asks everyone to cooperate as much as possible, explaining that Hunkar had an accident and has to stay in the hospital for some time. He reveals that his mother was actually only hit by a bullet in Gaffur and Saniye, to whom he leaves the reins of the estate during his absence.

Bitter Earth spoilers: Yilmaz survives!

Yilmaz survived Demir’s ambush and is convinced that Zuleyha is his accomplice. Fekeli tries to make him think, not jump to conclusions, and try to understand how things really went. Meanwhile, Zuleyha was locked in her room by Demir as punishment for betraying her trust. Hunkar is in the hospital, where she underwent delicate surgery to remove the bullet that hit her; His condition seems so good that when his son visits, the woman shakes his hand to let him know that she can hear him speaking. Fekeli visits the woman and reminds her of the love that bound them. Cengaver sees Yilmaz, whom he believed dead at Demir, and challenges him to a duel. But Yilmaz, unarmed, defends himself and tells the man a truth that was unexpected for him.

Cengaver goes to the Yilmaz Textile Mill with the clear intention of killing him. Yilmaz makes it clear to Cengaver that Demir is not the upright man he believes in, so he goes to ask for explanations from his friend Demir, who tells him the whole truth. Gaffur secretly brings food to Gulten, whom he has chained in a pigsty in the middle of the country. He imprisoned her there to punish her and make her forget about Yilmaz. Saniye tries to free her but fails. Hunkar is discharged from the hospital and returns to find Zuleyha locked in her room. Demir tells her that she did it out of fear that Zuleyha would run away with her son. Nazire goes to Yilmaz and tells him that Gulten was chained by Gaffur in the pigsty; Yilmaz rushes to her aid and wants to take her with him, but she doesn’t follow him. Other progress made by Terra amara on Telegram.