Biscoitagem Big Fone and talks about Paredao Saturday night at

Biscoitagem, Big Fone and talks about Paredão: Saturday night at BBB 23 Splash

The first Saturday night of BBB 23 (Globo) had a lot of strategy for the next few days.

In addition, some brothers were concerned about the dynamics of the game and hoped that Big Fone would appear.

The most speculated topic was Paredão and of course the immunization of the Angels of the Week.

Gabriel is waiting for Big Fone to ring

BBB 23: Gabriel expects Big Fone to play  Reproduction/Globoplay  Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 23: Gabriel expects Big Fone Toque

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Waiting for the call. Gabriel Fop and MC Guimê of BBB 23 (Globo) believed that BIg Fone could still play in the early hours of this Sunday (23).

Although the event is not officially scheduled for the date, Gabriel and Guimê claim that they will sleep near the door to answer the phone because they suspect something will happen.

Aline Wirley decides who gets vaccinated after winning Prova do Anjo

BBB 23: Aline and Bruno take the fishing test  reproduction/globoplay  reproduction/globoplay

BBB 23: Aline and Bruno prove the angel

Image: Playback/Globoplay

angel of the week Aline Wirley, who won with Bruno Prova do Anjo, announced that she intends to immunize the duo MC Guimê and Tina at Paredão to BBB 23 (Globo).

Speaking in Quarto Deserto with MC Guimê and Bruno, she revealed her will to the brothers as they speculated on who would take the spotlight.

Guimê talks about the game all the time

BBB 23: MC Guimê is known for being very game focused  Reproduction/Globoplay  Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 23: MC Guimê is known for being very focused on the game

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Too strategic. At the BBB 2023 (Globo) last Saturday (21) MC Guimê spent a lot of time talking about strategies for the game.

While this is an important theme, the brother has left audiences weary of the approach at all times of the game, including parties and quiet moments.

The public expressed themselves on social networks and declared that Guimê could: “change the record”.

Bruna and Gabriel exchange barbs

BBB 23: Gabriel, Bruna and Guimê discuss the nomination for Paredão  Reproduction/Globoplay  Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 23: Gabriel, Bruna and Guimê discuss nomination for Paredão

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Romance with discussions. Gabriel and Bruna Griphao were at odds today at BBB 23 (Globo).

The two participants, who have been in a relationship since the first party, did not get along when talking outside.

the context. Bruna said that Gabriel’s thinking was childish and the brother “poked” the actress and asked her to continue the train of thought

Additionally, Gabriel and Bruna Griphao were speaking outside on BBB 23 (Globo) in the early hours today as Bruna commented that she felt like the “man” in the relationship.

Bruna: “I feel like I’m the man in the relationship here, you know.”

Fred Nicácio and Marília dance at night dressed as cookies

BBB 23: Nicácio and Marília are in Castigo do Monstro  Reproduction/Globoplay  Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 23: Nicácio and Marília are in Castigo do Monstro

Image: Playback/Globoplay

What happened. Fred Nicácio was disappointed in Aline Wirley after receiving Punishment from the Monster on BBB 23 (Globo).

Speaking to Marília and Gustavo at the gym, the doctor said he didn’t like the singer’s attitude in the game.

All night long, Marília and Fred, the monsters of the week, danced to the tune of “Biscoitagem”;

The indication of the Leaders Duo for Paredão is the subject of discussion

BBB 23: Who do Bruna and Larissa want to nominate for Paredão?   Reproduction/Globoplay  Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 23: Who do Bruna and Larissa want to nominate for Paredão?

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Lots of doubts. According to talks from last Saturday (21), Bruna wants to nominate the duo Key Alves and Gustavo Cowboy.

Larissa had also already stated her intention to point out the duo mentioned by her friend.

But the actress is reconsidering the choice because she fears Gustavo is very strong outside the home: “I find it impossible not to like Cowboy,” she concludes.

Fred and Shoeface talk about gambling

BBB 23: Fred and Cara de Sapato talk about strategies  reproduction/ globoplay  reproduction/ globoplay

BBB 23: Fred and Cara de Sapato discuss strategies

Image: Playback/Globoplay

Fred and Cara de Sapato, from BBB 2023, were chatting in the living room last Saturday afternoon (21). The young people talked about different topics.

distance from the group. Among sharing visions of the game, Fred even went so far as to say that he prefers to stay away from the people of the desert space because the people of the space talk a lot about the game itself, even at parties.

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