Billboard publishes its list of the 50 best rappers and

Billboard publishes its list of the 50 best rappers and forgets Celine Dion

Once again, Celine Dion has been shunned by a prestigious music publication.

Celine Dion experienced her first heartbreak with a CH player

Yes, just months after she was removed from Rolling Stone’s list of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time, it’s now Billboard’s turn to ignore Charlemagne’s diva.

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Billboard, custodian of the American music charts, recently released its list of the 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time.

And guess what? Celine is not one of them. Although she “kinda raps” on Treat Her Like a Lady.

As if they hadn’t learned anything from the blunder of their fellow Rolling Stones. Anyway…

Alongside Celine’s exclusion, the BB list is still reacting among rap fans, notably with Prodigy’s exclusion from Mobb Deep, 42nd place Redman and 19th place (only) Missy Elliott. The 8th place reserved for Drake also seems a bit of a stretch. Some would have swapped the ranks of Nas (3rd) and Kendrick Lamarre (2nd), but that’s a mess.

At least Billboard made no mistake in putting Jay-Z at number one on its charts.

But a list will never please everyone. It’s a futile exercise, impossible to be objective about. Worse still, it’s still not as bad as it was when Kool Moe Dee made a list of the best rappers and put himself at number 5.

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