Biggest climate package in US history decided    Today

Biggest climate package in US history decided Today

The US Senate has passed the biggest climate package in US history. It foresees investments of 370 billion dollars.

A year and a half after President Joe Biden took office, the US Senate passed his multibillion-dollar social and climate package. The package, which provides about $370 billion for energy security and climate protection and $64 billion for health care, was approved by a tiny majority on Sunday.

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The Senate voted 51-50 to debate the proposed legislation. Vice President Kamala Harris gave the casting vote.

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Republicans voted unanimously against the so-called Anti-Inflation Act. With the amendments, they delayed the adoption by nearly 16 hours. In the end, all Democratic senators and Vice President Kamala Harris voted in favor of the legislative package.

This was the required simple majority of 51 votes. Now, the Chamber of Deputies has to approve it. The decision should take place there on Friday. In this House of Congress, most bills are considered guaranteed.

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Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent

For Biden, the adoption of the climate protection package is a major success. The democratic president has long struggled with low approval ratings. Based on poll numbers, experts believe Democrats are likely to lose their narrow majority in one or even both chambers in the November election.

The next presidential election will be in November 2024. Whether Biden will run again is an open question. He would then be almost 82 years old.

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After tough negotiations, the package is just a fraction of what the US president really wanted to achieve on climate and social issues.

The project provides more than $370 billion for climate and energy programs. The Washington Post wrote that these are the largest government funds in US history to combat climate change. The project should allow a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the United States by the end of the decade.

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The law could allow the US to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 40% below 2005 levels by the end of the decade.

Greenpeace reviews

According to Greenpeace, the US government’s new climate and social package is an important driver for expanding renewable energy and creating green, sustainable jobs. However, the agreement still has clear weaknesses: public lands will continue to be granted to oil and gas companies and licenses for fossil projects could be approved in an accelerated procedure.

“This hugely undermines US efforts in the area of ​​climate protection. Because it’s very clear: real climate protection goes hand in hand with the end of fossil fuels,” said Jasmin Duregger, climate spokesperson for Greenpeace. Further promoting oil and gas production is “unacceptable” in times of climate crisis.

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