Big PQ Rally Call for Leader Election

Big PQ Rally: Call for Leader’s Vote

The Parti Québécois wanted to make a show of force two days before the election to motivate the troops. About 700 people gathered at Montreal’s Paradox Theater to hear the leader make a heartfelt call for a vote and independence for Quebec.

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Paul St-Pierre Plamondon believes there is a surge of sympathy for him. The challenge now will be to motivate voters to go to the polls, he believes.

He tried that on Saturday evening, addressed by his activists.

“There’s something emotional going on there,” said the PQ leader, cheered on by people chanting “we want one country.”

“Fate is calling us. There are many of you, more and more of us,” said Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. “Destiny is to make Quebec a country.”

For the past few days, the chairman has been saying that there is a surge of sympathy for his formation due to the positive campaign he has been campaigning on, he says. “Now the challenge is to turn that wave of sympathy into results,” Paul St-Pierre Plamondon said over the course of Saturday. The latter hopes to convince the undecided.

“People who love Quebec address all Quebecers with respect and intelligence,” he said.

Supported by Ms. Marois

Former Prime Minister Pauline Marois also made a speech after welcoming the PQ leader. “Congratulations on unveiling this campaign! Our leader, Paul St-Pierre,” said the former training director. “An inspirational leader who embodies a new generation (…) with consistency and clarity.”

Big PQ Rally: Call for Leader's Vote

Ms Marois ignited the crowd with a pro-independence speech and a call to vote.

“By Monday evening we have to roll up our sleeves to tell Quebecers that we will create a free, cosmopolitan society (…) Yes, we want one country,” she said, then made a “solemn appeal” to his own generation .

“There is one big project that we failed to achieve and that is sovereignty.”

Gilles Duceppe and Jean-François Lisée also attended the evening.

Liberal Territory

The PQ celebration took place in Liberal territory. The political party chose to ride Sainte-Henri-Sainte-Anne to hold their grand rally to close this campaign. This is the race that Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade is running. Thus, the formation broke with a Quebec political tradition that calls for the leader not to fight in a riding coveted by another party leader. The PQ claim to have asked Ms Anglade’s permission before holding her rally there.

The chef reminded that he wanted to present himself in Montreal. A symbolic one, because of the decline of the French on the island. He claims he needs Montreal to achieve independence and ensure French survival. Also for this reason he chose to ride Camille-Laurin.

“The chef will show up in Montreal and he will win,” he said with conviction to thunderous applause.

Sunday, the last day of the campaign, the PQ leader flies to Gaspé, Sept-Îles and Jonquière. He’ll be back in Montreal by the end of the day.