"Big fright"Actress of Una Vita talks about the first day on set: the background          ​​​​​​

"Big fright"Actress of Una Vita talks about the first day on set: the background ​​​​​​

A real accident averted at the last minute for the Una Vita actress, who luckily just cleared up a “big fright”.

The characters of the city of Acacia are very loved by the Italian public, more so than by the Spanish one, and this is proved by the reviews they collect day by day. One of the most popular actresses told about her first day on the set.

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After many years of filming between the protagonists of Una Vita, a certain feeling has emerged, an complicity that they also bring to the small screen and that has made many viewers passionate. It is for confirmation Rebekah AlemanActress giving her the face lolitaduring an interview with Tele Sette where he talks about it Alvaro Quintanahis husband Antonio in acacias: “Our agreement was born immediately. During the breaks in the set we danced flamenco and played pranks on our colleagues. Laughter is important and good for the heart: It’s a bit our philosophy of life”.

But there is also another anecdote about another colleague, Marc Parejo who interprets Philip: “The first time I had to pick him up, we fell and I was afraid I’d broken my foot. Luckily it was just a big shock.”

Rebeca Alemany from Una Vita: “I am inspired by Raffaella Carrà”

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TO Camillo Soma on Tele Sette, the actress who plays lolita He shared his first steps in the entertainment world: “I studied at the Murcia School of Dramatic Art. One life was a great opportunity and now I continue to act in theater because it is something special for me. I’ve always been a fan of Raffaella Carrà, she really was a great, wonderful artist”.

About its character of acacia, Rebeca Aleman He revealed: “For me, family is very important to her. We’re different too: I’m not from Cabrahigo and don’t have any strange customs like you and poor Trini, but let’s be clear: I love them. I played it almost from the beginning and am proud to have contributed to the international success of the soap”.