Big change to the animation of Belle et Bum

Big change to the animation of Belle et Bum – 7 Jours

A big change will take place in the animation of Beautiful and bumwhile one of the duo’s two pieces will yield.

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This Tuesday, on his social networks, Melissa Lavergne announced that she is stepping down from her role as co-host. She has been there since 2015 Norman Brathwaite.

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In a lengthy posting, the percussionist explains that it was Saturday during taping of the weekly show that she told her colleagues and friends on set that it was time for her to turn the page after more than 400 broadcasts on the bind. Among other things, she mentions wanting to bring out the musician in herself.

Through her message, she takes the time to thank several people, including those who gave her her first chance, as well as everyone involved directly or indirectly in the team, in front of or behind the camera, as well as the many musicians who have helped over the course of the years and presented to the public.

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“This Saturday it’s a very special show I filmed with the big family of Belle and Bum. Touching and meaningful. With the staff of the past twenty years (well, almost all) gathered on set, I announced that it was time for me to leave. In fact, after more than four hundred broadcasts that have lit the projects of hundreds of artists from all over the world, first as a musician, then as a co-host, I now look forward to investing time in making the music that I have in me The projects I have in me…

Nonetheless, I will forever remain a staunch friend of the show, an eternal member of the Bum Pudding*, and a tireless ally to my dear Normand.

At this point I would like to thank my two good fairies, who saw enough potential in me to give me the freedom to learn not just one, but two trades: Sylvie Rémillard and Sylvie Tremblay. Everyone who, from near and far, held my hand before, during and after the shooting (researchers, directors/Reis, members of the CCM, agents, artistic directors, producers/Reis, technicians/Ne .stage and sound technicians, lighting designers, Prompt manager, trainees, guest artists, press work, etc.) and of course my family, my colleagues, my clan: the musicians who have walked the stage with me over the years. I love you so much and I can’t wait to meet you again soon around the music…

As for you, dear audience, loyal to the show, informed music lovers, and other percussion enthusiasts like me, thank you for your continued support, from rhythms to songs, from presentations to interviews, season after season.

I promise you all that we will see each other again very soon.


*Bum Pudding is the name given to the house band after a contest in Belle et Bum’s first year and which apparently everyone but me has forgotten!” wrote Mélissa Lavergne.

In the comments, many of her followers said they were sad that she was leaving but happy that she was taking on new challenges.

Remember that Mélissa Lavergne was the show’s fifth beauty. She succeeded Sophie Durocher, Roxane St-Gelais, Claudine Prevost et Genevieve Borne.

One wonders who could take over. Do you have any idea?

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