Big Brothers Marco Bellavia the ex wife is rightly angry

Big Brother’s Marco Bellavia, the ex wife is (rightly) angry: “He asked for help, …

Marco Bellavia come out from Big brother VIP and on social media we talk about nothing else. With good reason this time, and we’ll briefly explain why (if you weren’t a regular viewer of this reality show, and good for you): Bellavia suffers from a self-defined depression.mental pain“. Competitors bullied and attacked him. Over. There isn’t much more to say to clarify that theMental illness was treated unworthy. Many comments in the last few hours, including that of Elena Travaglito, Ex wife by Marco Bellavia and mother of Filippo, 15, who just yesterday expressed all his support for his father on social media. “I read so many things, too many, remember that behind all of this is my son, a 15-year-old boy. Marco is a good person, maybe too sensitive and he has already asked for help, but no one in the house has helped him. You taught me to help people in need and not to bury them“. All this via social media and with the hashtag #vergogna. Finally, a (real) thank you to Antonella Fiordelisi who was the only one who listened to Bellavia and defended him against the attacks of the roommates: “Thank you because she was the only one who helped him a little with a word, a caress, a smile…”.

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