"Big Brother VIP"the story of the thirty fourth episode

February 17, 202301:29

New appointment at the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Nikita, Sarah, Antonino, Andrea, Daniele and Murgia will challenge each other to avoid elimination.

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Big Brother VIP” turns the buoy of the thirty-fourth episode. In this new appointment of the reality show Canale 5, hosted by Alfonso Signorini Many discussions centered on the ex-boyfriends challenging the awareness and balance in the house. Giaele De Donà met his father while Attilio Romita announced a reconciliation with Mimmuzza and then quarreled with Sarah. On televoting, Oriana Marzoli was listed as the audience favorite and sent Nikita for a direct nomination. With Pelizzon it will see for the elimination Sarah, Antonino, Andrea, Daniele and Murgia.

Photo gallery: the emotions of the thirty-fourth episode of “Big Brother Vip”

The episode of “Big Brother Vip” begins with an empty armchair: that of Attilio Romita. He who was eliminated in the last episode and left without saying goodbye to anyone. And how will it end with Mimmuzza?

The letter from Giale and her husband Let’s start with the Giaele case. The girl was very upset by her husband’s letter. Expecting a gesture of affection, she received a letter of reproach instead. Antonella, on the other hand, said in the confessional that she understood Giaeles husband’s reaction a little. Alfonso asks her why she initially praised free love and open marriage when she now finds herself in the role of the middle-class wife. Has he acted like this before or is he acting like this now? She explains that she understood that one is private and the other is to manifest certain things publicly in front of everyone.

A surprise for Jael Alfonso tells her to run to the garden and she leaves, confident that she will find Brad. As soon as he arrives he freezes and in reality he is standing in front of his father. He shows her sympathy for the letter from Brad, which he says he didn’t appreciate at all. And then he invites her to continue quietly.

Martina, between Daniele and Oriana Martina’s move into the house has devastated Daniele’s already precarious balance. The past few days have been marked by moments of high tension and quarrels. There are also different versions of her story. Daniele claims they’ve never been together, while Martina tells of a relationship full of ups and downs. However, the girl denies that she ever wanted to come between him and Oriana, and even now reassures him that as far as she is concerned, he has the right to tell a story. But then, in the face between the two LEDs, the tones rise again. The boy in particular cannot accept that Martina said he was taking advantage of their relationship. Then Daniele comes out and Oriana is called. She immediately begins the attack, accusing Martina of saying that seeing them together makes them weird. Then pictures of last night of Oriana and Daniele under the covers are shown.

Antonella and Edoardo, the arguments about Antonino and… Alberto For the Donnalisis there were (as always) strife days. Everything was triggered by a brief jealousy scene from Edoardo in the confessional where Antonella licked some cream from a spoon that Antonino handed her. An argument from then on over how Antonella reacted to their disagreement. Then the clip ends with the images of Alberto massaging Edoardo’s feet in a very complicit way… Alfonso returns live to Edoardo and tells him that in 2023 a man gets angry because his girlfriend dances, sings, has fun… Bullshit . Donnamaria tries to defend herself by saying that she is aware that her reactions are excessive and apologizes for it, but Antonella seems to provoke him on purpose, even regarding Antonino.

Edoardo and Alberto, dangerous relationship Donnamaria and Alberto’s relationship comes under scrutiny while Fiordelisi watches from the LED room. Antonella is suspicious and even Nikita noticed something between the glare and glare games. Then it happened during the kissing contest that Alberto and Edoardo found each other kissing. Edoardo firmly denies this and does not understand how Antonella can still doubt it after five months together. Fiordelisi tells of living a story in her youth that shaped her when she was engaged to a boy who in fact only kept her as a cover since he was homosexual.

Letter from Attilio and Mimmuzza Romita comes into the studio and the first thing he hears is a letter from Mimmuzza. She says she wants to give him a second chance, but also that winning her back will be like climbing a complicated peak. Romita then explains that he found a wounded and upset woman involved in a difficult game against her will. However, Attilio explains that he returned to the house and that there was never any possibility that she would exclude him, and he says he is convinced that he can win her back.

The situation between Ivana and Onestini Alfonso calls Mrazova into the lead and asks her how things are going with Luca. She replies that after a few tense moments after the last episode, they clarified and everything is fine now. Signorini asks her why they are stuck in a kind of impasse. According to him, the end of their relationship is the result of a wound that Ivana carries within herself. She is referring to the loss of her father who was going through a very difficult time where Luca was not as close to her as she would have liked. However, she herself admits that their complicity is always strong when they are close, and when asked if the man in her life thinks so, she doesn’t know how to answer.

Diamante, Onestini’s sworn enemy There is a constant sparkle between Luca and Matteo Diamante accuses Onestini of being fake and raunchy. But Nikita’s ex isn’t just mad at Luca, his viewfinder also has Oriana and the others who make up the group around Onestini, whom he accuses of insulting people behind their backs, removing the microphones to confabulate.

The result of the televoting It’s time to find out who’s the crowd favorite out of the four “heavyweights” in the race: Antonella Fiordelisi, Antonino Spinalbese, Nikita Pelizon and Oriana Marzoli. Somewhat surprisingly, Oriana wins. She is invited to the Superled while the other three are forced to stay in the saloon. La Marzoli must decide which of the three will be sent directly to the televote for elimination next Monday. The three are led into the Superled and lined up in front of Oriana awaiting the new verdict: she chooses Nikita, who accuses her of posing as a pious saint, while she takes care of it as soon as possible. Oriana also believes that Nikita approached Antonella in a tactical manner, as she thought their alliance would have been fruitful in convincing the public at home. At this point, Edoardo adds his own, confirming that he had heard Antonella say that they had worked together. Fiordelisi denies having doubted her friendship with Nikita, at least since New Year’s Eve, and even less recalls uttering a similar phrase. Signorini throws some fuel on the fire by pointing out that when Antonella lies, it means that she considers the dynamic of the game with Nikita more important than her relationship with Edoardo. “That would be proof that he doesn’t give a damn about you both.” Tempers heat up and in the end Antonella Edoardo hints: “Tonight you sleep somewhere else”.

The immune system of the week We start by discovering the immunes of the house: Edoardo, Tavassi and Micol, while Sonia makes Antonella immune while Orietta chooses Onestini.

The relationship between Antoninus and Jael Before the nominations, the relationship between Antonino and Giaele is analyzed. She always feels compelled to prove something, but he gets impatient for things he perceives as evil, such as calling him “strategist”. The third wheel enters between the two litigants, namely Geneva, who, when asked by the studio, says that what she thinks Giaele is doing is emotional manipulation and doesn’t make her feel disinterested.

The nominations It starts with Nikita nominating the Murgia, Antonino choosing Sarah instead of voting for someone from those he really wants. Alberto chooses Daniele instead. Jaele also mentions Altobello while Daniel mentions Nicole’s name. Milena appoints Antonino while the Murgia elects Sarah. Davide nominates Giaele, Andrea adds a nomination for Altobello, who reciprocates.

Mimmuzza’s rage During the commercial break, Attilio gets an angry call from Mimmuzza because Sarah said Romita put a note in her makeup bag. The journalist denies ever having done such a thing, Sarah then goes to get the note, which is nothing more than the leaflet with her name on it, one of many attached to the Vipponi’s clothing. But Romita takes Altobello’s “revelation” as a willful act to “ruin” him, leading the audience to boo.

The nominations in the confessional It starts with Oriana nominating Andrea. Antonella calls Daniele instead, Tavassi calls Sarah and Onestini obviously Antonino. Micol mentions Sarah’s name, Edoardo that of Antonino. This is how Nikita, Sarah, Antonino, Andrea, Daniele and Murgia go into the nomination.



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