quotBig Brother VIPquotPatrizia leaves the house

"Big Brother VIP"Patrizia leaves the house

THE RESULT – Alfonso Signorini welcomes the public for the first episode of 2023. There are many topics in this appointment: Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria have broken up, while the friendship between Wilma Goich and Patrizia Rossetti seems to have ended. Wait and see who will be eliminated between Nikita Pelizon, Oriana Marzoli, Sarah Altobello and Wilma Goich. Meanwhile, Antonino Spinalbese is in the Paideia Clinic in Rome for clinical examinations, but was released on New Year’s Eve because of a health problem: “I had a great time, I took a break from the house.”

THE CRISIS OF THE DONNALISI – Antonella and Edoardo have separated again. “You didn’t have a good New Year’s Eve, it’s hard for me to remember the beautiful days I spent here.” The rift between the two began when tension flared over a joke Antonella made against Tavassi and Micol. From then on, a series of cross-matches began, including that with Oriana, with Fiordelisi as the protagonist. Antonella refuses to speak to Oriana while Oriana accuses her of trying to get her into an argument with Sarah. Tavassi intervenes, who accuses her of polluting the environment, calling her a “Dementor” and quoting Harry Potter. Edoardo says he’s tired of seeing his girlfriend’s argumentative nature, while the fencer doesn’t accept her boyfriend’s changes: “She laughs and jokes with people who have offended me.” Antonella considers the story with Edoardo closed forever: “For me, if a person doesn’t respect me, it’s over.” Also, he attacks the boy for laughs when “Oriana touched his little gun”. Edoardo hoped “that when Antonella saw a clip, she would realize that she was wrong about at least one thing, not everything, and apologize to me”. Signorini calls the two competitors in Mystery as they continue to argue with each other. Here are some of the worst statements one has made about the other, Edoardo in particular justifying his nasty words by saying the anger he feels is too great. “Is there a future, yes or no?” asks the conductor. Out for both of them: a sure no from Antonella. Edoardo, on the other hand, is more optimistic.

THE FRICTION BETWEEN PATRIZIA AND WILMA – Another couple has broken up, that of friends Patrizia Rossetti and Wilma Goich. The crisis began when Goich claimed the other was always in the kitchen, berating everyone and berating them. Patrizia Rossetti wants to leave the game. “I do not feel good. I have pain in my body, in my legs. There seems to be an infection. I’m sorry because I can’t even be active in the house. I couldn’t sleep for three nights. I have a stomach ache and a headache. Signorini tries to convince her: “It’s a pity that I’m getting off this train now. I’m not just saying this for us. I wanted to suggest that you take a week off. I don’t feel like insisting”. But Patrizia decided: “I’m walking Alfonso, I don’t feel right even when I talk, I feel pain, maybe it’s a stupid thing, but I want to understand what’s going on.”

ONESTINI AT THE CENTER OF THE CONTROVERSY – Onestini is often at the center of various discussions. After what happened between him and Nikita, there are those who are on his side and those who, on the other hand, believe their word. “It’s clear that Luca goes through a lot of emotional states because he’s a pro at the game,” says Antonino. Nikita himself is convinced: “He’s competitive, he says so, he came here to win. Then he says he wants to live too, good for him.” “I think my personality bothers me, but that’s who I am,” Onestini defends himself. Soleil states: “I agree with Antonino, partly Onestini plays his role well and I’m glad they realize it at home too”.

THE BATTLE BETWEEN ONESTINI AND SOLEIL – There is bad blood between Luca and Soleil. Years ago, Soleil and Luca were engaged, but just during the boy’s first participation in the reality show, Soleil had decided to leave him to start a new relationship. Luca arrives at the studio for an unprecedented face-to-face encounter. The confrontation comes: Luca comes to the studio for a face-to-face interview: “In all these years I have not published a single word about her,” he says, emphasizing that the columnist, on the contrary, has often spoken ill of him, even though she is the one who ended their relationship. “I was with her in 2017 and after two weeks in the house she cheated on me with someone else,” explains Luca. Soleil disagrees and accuses him of being a liar: “I left you because I discovered you, the one who betrayed first is not me. I discovered thousands of things before I entered, so at one point I said adios. The discussion ensues and the sound gets louder.

THE ELIMINATION – The public has decided that the VIP who has to leave the Big Brother house is Wilma. “I’m happy to go home,” says the singer. Daniele Dal Moro is in tears.

NOMINATION – It’s nomination time. Orietta saves Giaele, the Soleil-Pretelli couple chooses Nikita instead. The immunes of the week are Onestini, Daniele, Micole and Antonella. Sarah nominates George. Davide chooses Oriana and Edoardo, Alberto, Murgia, Giaele, Daniele and Oriana choose Dana. Then it’s up to Attilio to vote for Milena, George for Davide instead. Tavassi, Luca and Micol indicate Davide, Andrea instead of Murgia, Milena chooses Andrea. Antonella and Nikita nominate Oriana. Dana, Davide and Oriana in the nomination.

WILMA RETURNS – Wilma arrives at the studio after being eliminated. He opens the box and surprisingly returns to the house. The singer couldn’t be happier and after jumping for joy and greetings, she leaves the studio to go through the Red Door again.