"Big Brother VIP"Head to head between Oriana and Daniele and he there "download": "I’m not here for you anymore"

"Big Brother VIP"Head to head between Oriana and Daniele and he there "download": "I’m not here for you anymore"

“You should trust me because you know I mean business,” Daniele tells her as a warning, trying to get her to change her mind about Nicole.

Annoyed, the girl explains that she doesn’t quite believe him: one day he kisses her and the next day he doesn’t even speak to her. And Nicole just reiterated that concept, accusing it of being inconsistent.

“Remember that she is the first person who does not trust you,” warns Daniele, who has come to terms with the girl’s stubbornness.

As for their relationship, Daniele explains that he doesn’t want to hurt her. They both got to know each other easily, almost playfully, but if either of them tried something more without being reciprocated, Daniele would withdraw so as not to suffer herself or make Oriana suffer.

He also voices his opinion on Nicole. According to him, the actress makes the best of a bad situation and pretends to be surprised by the kiss. She even lied about their friendship: first she complained that he moved away, now she says she was the one who dumped the boy.

Although Oriana tries to defend her friend, the VIP is not convinced, on the contrary, he realizes that he also wants to close with her. Fans have suggested she trusts him over a plane, but the model continues to play games and hang out with the wrong people.

“Time is gentlemanly,” the boy tells her, confident that in the long run Oriana will understand which of the two is right.

Oriana leaves while Daniele stays to have fun with Wilma, disappointed by the hypocrisy of those around him.

A little later, Daniele accuses Nicole of not being sincere. He doesn’t have the courage to tell Oriana that he doesn’t trust her, but he needn’t worry: he’s already taken care of it.

The actress responds in the same way, saying that she has already discussed and clarified with her friend, but Daniele, instead of answering, prefers to end the discussion and talk to Wilma again.

Oriana approaches Daniele and Wilma to better understand the boy’s reasons. He said he was fond of her, but often his behaviors were contradictory. They slept together and then he disappeared: this ambiguity raises doubts.

Even if he doesn’t trust him, he wants to get to know her while respecting his own ways and times. He was always sincere, for better or for worse. “I want you to know my thoughts because I have nothing to hide,” he says with his usual bluntness.

Daniele loves her, but he still doesn’t feel strong enough to say that he would miss him if he didn’t see her again. He also wants to make it clear that he always follows his emotions, he does what he feels, his kisses are real, but he can’t quite let himself go because he’s convinced of Oriana’s interest in Onestini.

“You can see that you like Luca!” she exclaims with a touch of jealousy.

He noticed that Oriana only approached him after a conversation with Onestini, which is why he sees the relationship as a game. Had the girl’s approach been less reckless to begin with, Daniele probably would have behaved differently as well. “If Luca had deigned to meet you, you would know Luca today,” the entrepreneur is convinced that he is the second choice.

In an exchange of words, the girl denies having feelings for her friend, but Daniele struggles to believe her. They end the conversation by realizing that maybe they don’t like each other enough.

Still shaken by the conversation he had with Oriana, Daniele goes to the kitchen and comments on Dana’s departure with Antonella. The reaction of the tenants was exaggerated. According to the two VIPs, most weren’t as happy about Nicole’s rescue as they would like to believe, but about the model’s elimination, which they didn’t like.

According to Daniele, Oriana is among the worst: “Each of the two that comes out is fine, I’m happy”, she would have said to the boy in a moment of intimacy.

To testify to the sincerity that has always been known, Daniele goes straight to Oriana. He takes her aside and accuses her of changing the version. It’s safe to say she doesn’t care about Nicole, but that she was glad Dana was eliminated.

Oriana denies everything and Daniele rampages. He walks away from her, referring to her as “The Queen of Fakes”.

Confused and bitter, the girl seeks consolation from Giaele: she really doesn’t know why Daniele is behaving like this, maybe he’s just jealous.

As time passes, more communication problems arise between the two. Their differences in character and differing views often lead them to confrontations. It is difficult to estimate whether they will be able to clear up and clear up the misunderstandings. For the time being, however, it is clear that the boys are divided by mutual distrust.