Big Brother Vip the testimonials Salemi in tears score 8

Big Brother Vip, the testimonials: Salemi in tears (score 8), Onestini Dawson’s Creek (score 4)

Giulia Salemi in tears, a nightmare on Valentine’s Day: Voice 8

“You know I’m a bit of a meddler, I don’t keep a chickpea in my mouth,” Signorini invites Twitter operator Giulia Salemi to open her heart live at the start of this thirty-third episode. And she does. With tears, he confirms the “moment of crisis” that he is going through with his partner Pierpaolo Pretelli. And to think that just last month the gossip chronicles spoke of an upcoming orange blossom season for the couple. A nice tacer was never written, said Dante. “I ask that you respect our privacy,” Salemi sort of repeats him today. “We live in a situation that happens to a lot of couples in their 30s,” he adds. Real. But this one might manage to be even worse. To rub salt on the very open wound, fate thinks with all the cruel irony it knows how to dose when it starts: Pretelli and Salemi will spend their first Valentine’s Day apart after three years of love (born, among other things, in the middle of Casa von «Big Brother Vip»)? Yes and no. On the evening of February 14, both meet in Naples together with their unfortunate cupid Alfonso Signorini: this magical trio will meet on stage to animate an event to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Come on Julia! After all, it’s already past midnight in San Faustino…

Attilio Romita brings himself (and is eliminated): Voice 5

Attilio Romita is eliminated in this episode. With forked tongue when Signorini says his name, he crosses the threshold of the red door without saying goodbye to any of the roommates. “After five months we didn’t deserve it,” everyone grumbled. But nobody could stand him for weeks. Including the public. As soon as he enters the studio, he takes the opportunity to complain: the reality show Canale 5 never wanted to tell his life, “probably because that of the others was more interesting and was followed”. Signorini points out that he himself has set limits: he forbade the authors to speak of offspring or ex-wives before entering. Here the journalist reveals a painful little altar. His daughter wrote to him: “If you go to Big Brother Vip you will lose me forever”. What Romita gained by participating in the reality show remains open: his partner Mimma no longer wants to see him, she threw him out of the house because of his media flirtation with the “frou flou” Sarah Altobello and today she ” speaks” to him only through letters from the lawyer. “Just for fun”, in the last week Attilio didn’t miss anything, even a kiss for Nicole Murgia. Back in the studio, he encourages me: “I’m out of place in terms of content, but I’ve asserted myself. I arrived here without agencies, without followers, without anything». Maybe even homeless from now on.

Jael does not bow to her husband’s anger: Voice 9

Jael and free love. For the first few months, the young woman’s “open” marriage had drawn the attention of the reality show. Much to the scorn of Orietta Berti, who simply doesn’t get under the skin of such “moderns”. La Vippona has been married for a year to the mysterious American millionaire Brad, who in this thirty-third episode has decided to send her a nice snarky letter to wish her with a grudge “Happy Valentine’s Day”. “Stop engaging in behavior that can be counterproductive to our relationship,” he wrote. She doesn’t seem particularly worried: “In the beginning I got close to Antonino, but the thing ended immediately. It’s not true that I wasn’t respectful, you call me ‘Sister Giaele’ now!” The contestant asks to meet her husband in person to explain, but doesn’t apologize and doesn’t feel guilty. And it’s good. If the agreements were clear, the origin of the tycoon’s about-face is not understood. It’s also true that De Donà kissed Andrea during the week for a bottle game wanted by Big Brother Vip. ‘And I would do it again – he says – am I supposed to believe that nonsense like that is enough to wreck a marriage? Please!’ Berti is happy: “I always scolded her, from day one. You must leave the games to those who are not married!’ As it is, as it is not, even for Jael promises a Valentine’s Day, if not single, certainly “seen and not answered”.

Luca Onestini did not leave Dawson’s Creek alive: Voice 4

He was so happy. After breaking the heart of green-haired influencer Nikita Pelizon and coming back from semi-flirting with Venezuelan babe K Oriana Marzoli, Luca Onestini seems to have found his peace. Thanks to the entrance of his ex-girlfriend Ivana Mrázová, with whom he lived a four-year love story, “the most important of my life”. Everything seemed to be going smoothly between the two until the very blonde supermodel agreed to kiss a random handsome man named Andrea for a game wanted by Big Brother Vip, a competitor nightstand of that edition. “I’m very disappointed,” Onestini commented immediately angrily. He, good and fair, had escaped this prank that required all housemates to celebrate the anticipation of Valentine’s Day. “We are different – says the former Tronista – she doesn’t mind making out with anyone who happens in front of me.” Ivana is stunned and, trying to break the deadlock, tries the map of factual reality: “We haven’t been together for a year and a half, remember?”. Onestini remembers. But there is still no peace. Then Mrázová spits out all the times she has had to suffer passionate lemons since parting with others from his Instagram profile. The result is a scene I miss Dawson catching his friend Peacy and the much-anticipated Joey exchanging a kiss on the bank of the pond near the house. Yes, but Dawson’s Creek was a 16-year-old show from the 2000s. Onestini, 30-year-old son, from ex-Tronista to drama queen. Actually a teen drama.

Dal Moro between two bears, a horror triangle: Rating 6.5

“It makes me sad” (sic). This is how Daniele Dal Moro described the “triangular” situation that arose between his (not) current girlfriend Oriana Marzoli and ex Martina Nasoni, who has returned to Big Brother’s Vip house to win him back. Vippone still doesn’t trust the Venezuelan “one meter twenty Tatina”, but then he looks for her. And she melts with kisses. Hoping that sooner or later the girl will find at least a crumb of the dignity lost in Cinecittà, we follow the evolution of this non-relationship as Twitter praises the “couple”. “In order to get close to him again, I put my pride back in my pocket many times,” says blonde Vippona happily. Yes, but is it really worth it? Anyone with common sense would have already taken a SpaceX towards Mars before the outbursts in strict Venetian dialect that Dal Moro gives them every day. With many unrepeatable insults. Meanwhile, the former Nasoni does not give up: “Oriana outside of here would never have been interested in Daniele”. And the screams begin. “I can also use my diaphragm, I can scream much louder than you,” Martina challenges in a loop lasting a few seconds, which is perceived as a whole geological age of noise pollution. Marzoli has no doubts about Nasoni: “She’s just a fake little saint”. And here the catfight begins again. Meanwhile, Daniele pretends to be dead. Like when bears attack. Will the two litigants sooner or later put down the hatchet and notice him?

Sarah Altobello (maybe) finds a husband: Rating 4.5

Having written several plays for MondoCavallo, Alfonso Signorini introduces the surprise visit of Tony Toscano, Sarah Altobello’s manager, who woke up this week in love with her and declared urbi et orbi that he would like to marry her. Six minutes past midnight the man, very gray, appears in front of the door of the Casa di Cinecittà, astride a white horse and with dark glasses on his face, like a real trash prince. The conductor insistently asks him if he has ever consumed with Vippona, but Tony, as a knight, avoids any “intimate” questioning. However, he is determined to take her away from the reality show to begin their life together as lovers. Does anything, anything, make sense of the scene we’re seeing? No. But the writers must have found it very funny on paper. And then you have to suffer. In practice, it is the usual plastic curtain, barbaric from the Vippona language, that torments the Italian language every time it syllables a word. The suspicion that it is the girl’s mother who “invented” the language “cursive” on social media is becoming more and more pressing. Meanwhile, ours continues to explain the relationship that would bind her to the manager in terms that don’t exist, including “Platonism” or “effusion.” When they meet, he makes her the list of greetings from home between relatives and influencers. Very emotional. “I don’t know how many years I have left, but I want to spend them all with you. Don’t answer me, we’ll talk about it later,” he says. “Meh, I’ll think about it,” is her overwhelming response. And Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, Tony Toscano and no.

Gegia in love and happy (so much for Vipponi): 7.5 points

Participating in Big Brother Vip may not have brought her much, but at least she fell in love. Gegia, who was dropped from the reality show months ago, has even been banned from Lazio’s psychologists’ registry in recent weeks for her behavior in the house with Marco Bellavia, Cinecittà’s bully. If sending her for an immediate nomination, let alone this one, seemed like an overreach. Anyway, let’s close the testimony by talking about the real Vippona, because in the end, even if she’s out of the game and suddenly unemployed, she’s the only one happy in love. Nobody believed her when she said in the most suspicious house in Italy that she was dating Mehmet, a handsome Turkish man she met online. And instead, today the two are together, living a bizarre love story that would be the envy of any Vippone, considering how they range between screaming, spitefulness and fratricidal hostility. Mehmet has learned Italian a little bit better than the last time we saw him, again as a trophy male of his beloved Gegia. “My relatives in Turkey are fine,” says the man as soon as Signorini hands him the microphone. An opportunity to reflect on the terrible earthquake that has devastated your country. But the seriousness (and also the understanding of our language) ends quickly: When the conductor asks him: “Do you want to marry your Gegia?” Mehmet falls silent. “Eh, he still doesn’t understand everything,” she comments before the serious silence of her companion. The best matching couple of this Vip Valentine’s Day. And that says it all.